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  • dianeinthevalley #51495

    Hi ladies, I’ve been seeing all these great signs made with pallets. There is one on Pinterest I want to try. It has a stack of boards in different colors with words on them. Faith, Beauty, Family ect. How would I hang something like this? Would I attatch 2 long boards vertically then add the single boards horizontally? and what type of hangars do you use to hang your art work?


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  • SallyWilliams SallyWilliams #87838

    It’s a good thing that I came across this thread while browsing through the community. I am actually planning on putting one as a decoration near my kitchen area but didn’t know how to put it up. Your comments are very helpful. I think I’d go with using 2 long boards in the back and would just screw them from the back. I hope it works.

  •  Anonymous #85172

    I use 3M hooks and/or velcro to hang anything and everything in my house..if you use enough they will hold anything, and no nail holes to fill…I am constantly changing artwork(junk) on my walls, so these work perfectly. they are a little expensive, but worth not having to fill/patch/paint a hole..and I use Joann’s coupons, etc..they come off without harming the walls

  •  Anonymous #85140

    now that’s an even better recycle use, diane!

  •  Anonymous #85127

    Now that’s a good idea! You could paint holiday words on the back and then flip them.

  •  Anonymous #85125

    i love the pallet wood/special words picture on pinterest too….but sometimes i get overwhelmed seeing the same words printed on everything in the store…you know once a “special” word pops up, they tend to start wearing it out and it loses its strength to me….but that is just me ­čÖé

    so, what about hanging in a way that you could switch out the wood planks……..say maybe for holidays, special occasions, when the mood strikes for a change of scenery or color update?

    maybe using something like old faucet handles or door knobs on 2 long planks in the back and burrowing out holes in each plank and sliding over the knob?? i’m sure your creative mind can come up with more than mine at this minute for special fixtures you may have lying around….i think it would allow for quick refreshing if and when you may need it.

  •  Anonymous #85123

    Like! Any more pictures?

  •  Anonymous #85118

    Here’s a picture (I hope) of a tree made from wood strips that I want to try. Saved it from pinterest, sorry don’t remember whos it was. Anyways those signs would be neat in a tree shape with words dealing with Christmas.

  •  Anonymous #85116

    Don’t get me wrong I love all on this blog, but apparently “we” are all a bit Photo Posting illiterate!

  •  Anonymous #85115

    I wish they were back, too

  •  Anonymous #85114

    Thanks everyone! I love it when we all throw out ideas!

    Second hand Rosie, I am terrible at posting pictures but will try, I miss the ladies that posted all the pictures, Greta, Cottage chic and Kudzu, Where did they GO?

  •  Anonymous #85113

    I think using the 2 long boards in the back is a super easy idea. You can screw the boards in from the back of the strips if they are permanent or use a keyhole style hole to attach to screws in the strips. I want to paint multi colored stripes on skinny boards as a display. I saw this done on sticks before and loved it!


  •  Anonymous #85112

    It’s funny that you posted on this topic. I was lying in the bed a few nights ago wondering what I would need to attach the strips to! LOL

    I have a wheelbarrow FULL of old wooden lath strips that came out of the inside of my daughter’s bahroom wall. They are all old/weathered looking and have rusty nails in them, etc. Gonna pull the nails out (for safety’s sake) and try something with them as soon as the stupid weather clears up a little.

    If you make something, please share a photo and let us see it. Thanks.

  •  Anonymous #85111

    You definitely have the right idea as to how to make the sign. I use picture hangers I pick up at my local hardware store for a nominal price they look like little metal triangles with a tab to nail onto the back of the sign.

  •  Anonymous #85110

    We went to a hugh craft show before christmas in Louisville,Ky. Someone there took the curved wood from wine or whiskey barrels and made signs out of them. They were really cute. They had that curve to them that made them different…

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