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  • LuAnnLuAnn #47899

    It seemed everything came together this weekend. I’ve had the socks and umbrella for about a week but found the awesome boots at an ES this weekend so I thought I’d give this a try. Instead of using batting in the legs I used a swim noodle–how easy is that. My daughter liked it so much I’m now in the hunt for the shoes/boots. Found another umbrella at the same ES–how lucky is that!!

    PS-I found this on pinterest! Isn’t pinterest the greatest for ideas!

    [attachment id=30570,4143]

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  •  Anonymous #84676

    Ha,special idea! And it did a nice work for Halloween.

  •  Anonymous #84327

    the ghost of “victoria secrets” past? (present or future) lol ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #84321

    Gigi, I think I would want to make mine a girl ghost with a lace sheer

  •  Anonymous #84319

    another idea popped for cheap ghost.

    huge over-sized white balloons (helium quality)

    draw eyes, mouth w/permanent black marker, cover w/thrift store sheers, tie over balloon and hang!!

  •  Anonymous #84318

    here’s my cheap leg maker for witches.

    white tights from thrift store (kids size is fine) paint stripes on them by sliding over a 2 liter but remove before completely dry (to avoid sticking on bottle-BTDT!!) then lay over hanger until totally dry. (stuff w/noodles, paper, plastic, whatever on hand) if they get weathered and nasty-just pitch.

    costs about 10 cents and your time!

  •  Anonymous #84308

    Cute idea! I saw some boots at the GW the other day that would have made wonderful witch shoes. Tried being realistic and talked myself out of getting them. Knew that I probably wouldn’t get anything done with them beforre Halloween! (Don’t know if I’m getting more realistic, or just overwhelmed with all the “stuff” that I have!)

  •  Anonymous #84290

    DP-No, the umbrella no longer folds down–will have to figure how to keep dustfree after Halloween. As for the handle–hubby just cut off the “c” type handle leaving most of the shaft which is put down the middle of one of the legs. I found my socks at a local party type card store–actually saw some at the local grocery store. I would assume most places that sell costumes would have socks. I used the thigh high socks but think next time maybe just knee highs–the thigh highs make really long legs.

    Show us what you come up with.

  •  Anonymous #84285

    That is pretty cute, thanks for sharing. I was wondering does the legs come off so the umbrella will fold up and also is the handle hard to get off? I have seen pictures where it looks like the witch ran into something and keep thinking I need to make one. I have a hat, broom and boots for it, now would be a the time to look for some socks I guess.

  •  Anonymous #84283

    Great idea to use the noodles! Really cute. And yes I love pinterest.

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