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  • LuAnnLuAnn #47449

    Haven’t seen many projects here lately so I thought I would help out. Here are 2 small projects I’ve made with my friend. The cards are from vintage bingo cards and the “devil” is made from a pickle fork.

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  •  Anonymous #84224

    Paintwife, I think my house is decorated for Halloween all year long! (Well there is that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when the family all come over but hey, it takes a long time to grow a good cob web!) What is a “cob” any way?

  •  Anonymous #84222

    Very cute LuAnn. So far I’ve just quit dusting,telling everyone the cob webs are just my way of getting a jump on my Halloween decor.

  •  Anonymous #84192

    SHR-looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  •  Anonymous #84189

    Gonna try and cover some plastic pumpkins with copies of old ads for headstones. Bought an old order catalogue a couple of years ago. Not gonna use the original pages, but will make copies and see how it looks on the pumpkins.

  •  Anonymous #84181

    Cute, I like. Halloween is such a fun time to decorate.

  •  Anonymous #84180

    Let’s see if I can get the picture to post.

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