Gettin Ready For Halloween

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  • LuAnnLuAnn #45157

    Here’s my take on "Mamie Jane’s" pumpkins (from oil cans). I know it’s a bit early but I’ve been in the fall/halloween decorating mood. I won’t put up any decorations until Oct 1 (the earliest I will do-still hope for warmer weather).

    Hope all had a good weekend.


    [attachment id=25352,3916]

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  •  Anonymous #81862

    Everything I look at now I see a pumpkin! I was cleaning my laundry room and there was a roll of thick string and I thought woh wow, i could stick a stem in that!

  •  Anonymous #81845

    LuAnn, those are so cute. (Diane, I never would have “thunk” it!) lol) Great job, LuAnn!

  •  Anonymous #81821

    Cute! Who would have thunk it?

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