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  • Peony #45007

    Glidden is repeating their free paint promo. Last year, I got a free quart of Glidden paint and I just entered the promo for another one this morning. Go to and click on “Let’s get going” and then pick the paint color you want and drag it over to the paint can. Answer a very short survey and your paint will be on the way.

    It did take me a couple tries to get through becuase it’s pretty busy, but what a great FREE sample. Dont’ forget to come back here and tell us what you’re going to do with the free paint.

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  •  Anonymous #80720

    Got mine while ago. The guy that delivered it told my mom he’s delivered around 200 can this morning…lol

    Swiss Coffee…

  •  Anonymous #80694

    Just rec’d mine. Eloquent Ivory–can’t wait to get started on my vintage/cottage style spare room. Look out vacation time–I’m getting excited to start. LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #80600

    Got mine today – Polished Limestone. Haven’t opened it yet. Hope it’s pretty!

  •  Anonymous #80528

    great surprise….wasn’t expecting for weeks yet!!

  •  Anonymous #80525

    Gigi, so glad you got it already. Mine came, too and I can hardly wait til I have time to use it.

  •  Anonymous #80521

    yippee-skippy!!! 🙂

    my paint arrived Sat….LOVE IT!!!

    thanks glidden!!!

  •  Anonymous #80329

    Ohmycreations, other posters have said that it appears to be over.

  •  Anonymous #80328

    I couldn’t find the promo other than this: (effective June 1)

  •  Anonymous #80314

    never guess what my daughter-i did yesterday!?

    went to walmart to purchase a QUART of GLIDDEN PAINT!!

    for me it’s always a guessing game as to what color to pick if-when an offer roles into town and wouldn’t you know just a day after picking cranberry zing for myself….we decide to change her bedroom!

    going to sponge on a NEON GREEN over white….YIKES-SCARY! :O

  •  Anonymous #80311

    I did get mine, but I had the brite ideal of going in under DH’s name but it was gone. Guess that’s what I get for being greedy…lol

  •  Anonymous #80303

    I couldn’t find the offer… guess it was over by the time I found out about it!

  •  Anonymous #80299

    dates below offer said maybe like 24 hr time frame (between 17-18th)?

    yes indeed, took forever to get through…tried on/off randomly about 6 hrs! when i told sister, got through immediately right after i did.

    imagine that!!

  •  Anonymous #80297

    Sorry to hear that, Leveta. I’ll bet they got bombarded with requests and only had so many samples available.

  •  Anonymous #80296

    Guess they aren’t doing it any more.

  •  Anonymous #80283

    I’m so glad you all have been able to sign up for this. Isn’t it fun to get such a nice, generous freebie? For anyone who has had trouble getting through, you just have to keep trying because once the word got out, it got pretty busy on that site. A friend of mine tried several times before she got through.

  •  Anonymous #80282

    thinking of purples this time but then the word “cranberries” popped in my head and that’s when i found “CRANBERRY ZING” in the reds…it matches some accents in my bedroom so i claimed it!!!


    and thank you peony for reminding us!!

  •  Anonymous #80271

    Just submitted mine. Eloquent Ivory–sounds boring but I’ve got some “county cottage” painting in my spare room.

    Thank you Peony for posting this.


  •  Anonymous #80265

    Thanks so much. I got a quart of some type of Limestone color. Bet it’ll look better on my bathroom walls than the “lilac” toned silver that I have now! LOL

  •  Anonymous #80263

    Hugs I couldn’t get in either at first. I just got mine ordered. Swiss Coffee…

  •  Anonymous #80262

    Thanks! I just ordered mine – a misty aqua! I’ve been wanting to paint a few things that color and just never got to the store to get some.

    Wanda in NH

  •  Anonymous #80260


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