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    Someone recommended Junk Revolution to me after I suggested that I would like a forum where I could share garden pics – and see garden pics from others – so as to allay my itch for gardening mid-winter.

    In short: I miss the smell of dirt and the feel of dirt and of course I miss the colors of summer . . . .


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  •  Anonymous #81535

    Where are all the folks who posted such wonderful “show and tell” pictures? I want them back……

  •  Anonymous #81532

    Bump it up

  •  Anonymous #60915

    here’s some past garden photos from my yard..and there’s that rusty angel I made using red oxide spray primer and cinnamon over an old shiny gold Christmas angel..also used it on the tools and used porch spindles to make handles on those…

  •  Anonymous #60847

    We are experiencing warmer than usual weather this week (81 today) and are located in the SW corner of Arkansas about 25 miles from the Louisiana line. I love gardening and plan on setting out some ground cover tomorrow along with some daffodil bulbs a friend shared with me. We have a gravel winding path on either side of our terraced back yard and I have a lot of thrift finds tucked here and there. frstyfrolk the bowling balls are neat scattered in beds with your flowers. You will have to post pictures when things start blooming for you. Jan

  •  Anonymous #60846

    I go to the thrift store and find old bowling balls, they are nice to just lay around here and there among the plants and flowers and very inexpensive.

  •  Anonymous #59350

    last yr. i could not do much this yr. I’m going to or i have lots seeds if trading place on here. I’m doing some winter sowing. (starting seeds early in house).

  •  Anonymous #59327

    Oh yes, I’ve got that itch too! I’ve gotten a little relief by swapping seeds with other gardeners – lotsa fun getting seeds in the mail every few days. And I can hardly wait to try all the new varieties. I’ll start sowing a few of the flower seeds (pansies, lobelia, etc.)indoors this weekend. Then I’ll just daydream about the layout of the garden til time to start tomatoes and peppers!

  •  Anonymous #59306

    I didn’t do much gardening last year(had a heart attack in Jan.), but I’m itching to get started this season!

  •  Anonymous #59305

    i know what you mean..its a good time to get a big pile of garden books and just dream away….ann

  •  Anonymous #59010

    cool Susan

    so glad you came over


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