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    Okay, the holidays are over and we are back on track for our garden show and sale for mid June. My friend and I do a trash to treasure type of sale, garden oriented using old and some new things. We have our sale right in her garden and are into our 4th year. Right now I am thinking OMG only 6 months and millions of things to do! Somehow it all works out. Here are a few pics to get the feel….

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  •  Anonymous #79885

    OMG just breath taking hope you dont mind if i borrow you idea have those legs and wood… now i know what to build with them.I can not paint so may have to stencil my flowers on though,lol. Again great job.

  •  Anonymous #79877

    bump this one – maybe it will help

  •  Anonymous #72661

    OOOHHH it makes me want spring even more!! Everything is so pretty. Thanks

  •  Anonymous #72506

    oh wow! just beautiful!


  •  Anonymous #72505

    Thank-you for the nice comments. Yes, its the perfect venue, right in the garden. Everyone gets excited because its so different and they all enjoy looking at a beautiful garden too!

  •  Anonymous #72497

    me too – makes me think about ordering seeds

  •  Anonymous #72492

    Looks great!!!!

    I really love the Trellis’ssssss.


  •  Anonymous #72491

    Love it all…especially the white trellis!

  •  Anonymous #72489

    Great projects and excellent idea!!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #72488

    beautiful morninglori!!!

    you all came up with a very innovative, profitable way to market it, too. what better way than this…right in your own garden to show how the pieces will work, look and who wants to leave all that gorgeous landscaping of flowers and plants without an item or two to take back to their own!!!

    i love that little “window box–flower bed bench” the design, colors, etc. are just adorable!

  •  Anonymous #72487

    Heck I love everything… did you make the mushrooms yourself and then mosiac them… I would love to do some of those for my yard.. There I go again.. wanting to try something new… I guess the day I stop wanting to make things is the day they will be throwing dirt on my face..LOl I just love seeing what others are doing.. it is so much fun and then to try and make some yourself is even more awesome.. Good luck with your sale.. and you are right Time flys and June will be here before you know it..

  •  Anonymous #72486

    Very nice, Morninglory!

  •  Anonymous #72485

    I love the mosiac top mushrooms and the trellis. Sounds like a fun sale/garden show! Good luck! Jan

  •  Anonymous #72484

    Eveything looks so nice. I really like the planter…

  •  Anonymous #72483

    Once more……

  •  Anonymous #72482

    Oh that sounds so nice…I hope you can get your pic’s to work…

  •  Anonymous #72481

    Even with resizing I can’t get my photos to show, obviously my skills with a drill are far superior to my computer skills. I will try again later…sorry

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