Garden Party: Let’s Make a Fairy Garden!!

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    You’re invited to join my good friend, Ruth Barnes of Southern Junkers, right here on the KN Community for a Garden Party: Let’s Make a Fairy Garden! Bring your gloves and spade- let’s get dirty! Share your favorite planting creations/photos and get tips and tricks from Ruth. The party begins Monday, May 18th, 2015. More details to follow- get excited!


    A note from Ruth:

    I love playing in the dirt, how about you? I find gardening to be so relaxing and wonderful therapy! Over the past 20 years living in our house, I have created a nice flower bed in front of my porch. I planted perennials so that every year they come back. In the Spring, I like to add some annuals here and there to give the beds a pop of color in between when the perennials bloom. I also love container gardens and I put pots of flowers on my steps. I have several birdbaths that I purchased at yard and estate sales and I plant perennials in those as well. My favorite plant for these is Sedum. A beautiful little plant that will thrive just about anywhere!

    This Spring I decided to make a Fairy Garden! I’m seeing more and more of these and I wanted to give it a try. I wanted to share mine with you along with the process from beginning to end. I planted my Fairy Garden in a birdbath that I purchased at a yard sale several years ago. It definitely needed a perk! The great thing is that the birdbath has a crack in it on the bottom so it won’t hold water. It makes the perfect vessel for a Fairy Garden with automatic drainage! Before I started I took some white paint and dry brushed the entire bird bath to give it a cleaner, crisper look. In this forum I will discuss the items you need to make your very own creative Fairy Garden. Let’s get started! Get your gloves and spade and let’s get dirty!!


    a barnes house a birdbath after fairy garden just the top
    a bird bath before fairy garden a birdbath dirt gloves and spade a fairy garden items in basket
    a birdbath after the whole thing good a fairy garden pool with sprinkler head and pool good a fairy garden with church and path and sheep good

    Read about Ruth:

    Ruth Barnes

    Ruth created Southern Junkers Group in 2010 as a small community on Facebook to gather same-minded individuals that love antiques, vintage, collectables and repurposed items. The group loves the history and stories behind their finds and they share their finds from estate sales, yard sales, markets, dumpsters, abandoned homes and curbs with each other. In an effort to save abandoned treasures from the landfills, they repurpose and create them into something useful! What started as a small group has now grown to include over 20,000 members!

    In October of 2012, the very first Southern Junkers Market was held in Eads, TN at Top Dog Trade Center. The market featured over 30 amazing vendors, along with music, food and fun! Since then, Southern Junkers Market Events has grown leaps and bounds and now features annual Spring, Fall and Holiday markets! This Fall, 2015, Southern Junkers Market Events will add a juried Market at Overton Square in Midtown, Memphis, TN.

    The inspiration that Ruth receives each and every day from Southern Junkers Group has given her courage, determination and imagination that she never dreamed of. She feels fortunate and blessed with her repurposed life and is grateful to the friends and members of Southern Junkers who made it possible. She believes that everything has a purpose and most have a repurpose! Ruth hopes that you will join her on her journey to preserve the history and untold stories of the past through finding treasures!

    Visit Ruth’s website here and find Ruth on Facebook here and Southern Junkers Market Events on Facebook here.
    a ruth in im all about the junk t shirt good


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  •  Kare #87865

    Thanks for the invite. Here’s my Fairy Garden. It’s still a work in progress.

    • Ruth Ruth #87881

      How is the Fairy Going Kare?

  • Ruth Ruth #87863

    I picked up a few little Vintage things at a Flea Market when I went to the Lake a couple of weeks ago. Thought I would share them with you. Have not placed them in their new home yet. I will share afterwards. A new fairy garden in the works!

  • Ruth Ruth #87847

    Hi!!! Just wanted to show you all what I did today!!! Really loved these!! Pinecones turned upside down and painted, look like Zinnia’s!!! So Cute!!! Also, took a couple of pics in my yard today that I wanted to share with you!! Hope your gardening is going well!! Come on over and share with us!!!

  •  Leda Foley #87825

    Ruth! I love your fairy garden and reading about my favorite group! You have inspired me!! I am trying to have some blooming plants and some succulents around my porch this year. I have not quite gotten up to Fairy Gardens yet but here are a few things I have done so far. I am really enjoying planting these Vintage planters after all these years of having them without plants. I planted succlents in my tiny chicken feeder, here is a photo of it not quite sanded yet. LOL

    • Ruth Ruth #87830

      Oh Leda!! I just love your vintage planters!! I think you have done an incredible job of providing them with the right kind of colors and textures. I am so glad you were inspired and shared them with us. Thank you. I am keeping my eyes open for a chicken feeder like yours. It makes a great planter. I bought one at Tractor Supply but it is new and shiny!! You know we do not like new and shiny. I am going to mix some salt with some vinegar and put it in a bucket to age it. I just bought some Hens and Chick’s to plant in it and no not the bird!!!!! Ha ha!!! Bwack!! I will share when I am finished. Keep on planting and sharing with us Leda. I am enjoying this Garden Party!!!!

      •  Leda Foley #87831

        Thanks Ruth! I just love your odds and ends in your Fairy Garden. So cute and interesting! I will have to post a photo when I have them all done. My hubs surprised me and dug out a vintage wire flower pot stand and painted it for me! I can’t wait to see them on it!

        • Ruth Ruth #87834

          I know you are headed to set up at a fabulous Market this weekend in Dadeville Al. Keep your eyes open for tiny elements you can use in your fairy garden! Share your pics with us!

  • Ruth Ruth #87823

    It’s a rainy day here in Memphis so I decided to make something for my Fairy Garden!!! Here it is!! What do you think? I think it turned out so cute!!!! A Fairy House from a flower pot!!!

    •  Leda Foley #87832

      This is a great tip! Off I go to find some itty bitty pots!

      • Ruth Ruth #87833

        Thank you Leda! Came to me in the middle of the night! That is when my mind starts spinning with ideas! This is so easy too!

  •  tfdaniels5 #87812

    I’m a little late to the party tonight. I love this idea of the little fairy gardens!! I am new to gardening, just started doing it the past few years. I have a few questions.
    I see that Sedums would be perfect for these projects, but do you need a special type of soil?
    Potting soil or would top soil work?
    My other question is this, what did you use to make the little brown garden paths? I love the way it looks.

    • Ruth Ruth #87813

      Good Morning Temple and welcome to the Party! So glad you are here! Yes, the sedum is wonderful for Fairy Gardens, and you can also use any low ground covers. I also like to put in a couple of plants with some pops of color so I used Jewel of the Desert Garnet and Yellow Hardy Ice Plant. You can use either Potting Soil or Top Soil. For this project I used Top Soil with Miracle Grow. Be sure that after pouring your soil into your container, you water in down some to let it settle, and then add more before planting your plants. Top Soil is very light in weight and will settle after getting wet. You want to be sure your soil is even with the top of your container and well packed before you start planting. For the little brown garden paths I used a basket filler and just cut it in the shape of a path. You can purchase them about anywhere that plants are sold! After cutting and laying it down, wet it and it becomes flexible so that you can adjust it to your liking. Container Gardening is great to mix in with your regular outdoor gardening and you can place it right in the garden for added texture and interest! Hope that you will share your gardening creations with us!

      •  tfdaniels5 #87815

        Thank you Ruth. I’m going to rummage around my stash for some smalls to make one this afternoon with my son.

  •  artsy-dabbler #87808

    Flea Market Gardening….
    I am addicted to junk and succulents… Sharing my latest creations!
    if you have quest, I’m happy to help!

    Let’s get planting and get our hands dirty!

    Jennifer Miller
    The Artsy Dabbler

    •  artsy-dabbler #87816

      Gonna try this again…

      • Ruth Ruth #87821

        Oh I love the old enamel ware dish pan! I have one just like it that I haven’t planted anything in yet! Looks like you have some very nice Sedum plants and succulents in there! I love the different colors and textures they provide in your planter! Really looks nice. Did you happen to put any rocks in the bottom for drainage?

    • Ruth Ruth #87809

      Hi Jennifer!!! So Glad you could join us!!! So, you like to play in the dirt too? I love it!!!! Would love for you to share some of your creations with us!! Have you made a Fairy Garden?

      •  artsy-dabbler #87810

        Hi!! I like to garden when I’m not junking or painting!!
        I have made a couple fairy gardens about 2 years ago! I will for sure share pictures of my creations and my fairy garden pictures if I can find them… Will be back tomorrow!
        – Jennifer

        • Ruth Ruth #87811

          Great Jennifer! I am looking forward to seeing them! See you tomorrow!

          •  artsy-dabbler #87818

            Trying to post a picture or two…

          • Ruth Ruth #87822

            Jennifer, I see that you must have a green thumb. The little red truck is adorable and love the different vessels you have chosen for planters! I usually tend to use smaller sedum, but I am loving these larger ones that you have chosen. Do you bring them in the winter, or just let them die down to return in Spring?

          •  artsy-dabbler #87820

            Here’s another…

  •  Monica7793 #87803

    Hi Ruth, for those of us with no green thumb is there any advise on best plant to start out with that is easy to grow ? I see your post on plant recommendations, is their say one or two plants I could start with that are easy to grow. I kill everything ! Also are these ok to be In full sun ? And can I make mine in a simple flower pot ? Thanks for your help. Monica

    • Ruth Ruth #87804

      Hi Monica, great questions! Sedum, Sedum and Sedum!!! Sedum is a very hardy plant, easy to grow, and not so easy to die!!! I use it everywhere!!! I can find it just about anywhere that plants are sold! Lowe’s has a large variety of plants. Sedum comes in a lot of different varieties, textures, sizes and colors, A simple flower pot is perfect and a good start for your first Fairy Garden! I am excited to see what you do! Please share with us and let me know if you have any questions!!!!

      •  Monica7793 #87806

        Thanks Ruth, still working on mine, will share pics soon…..

        • Ruth Ruth #87807

          I cannot wait to see it Monica!!! So glad that you are inspired! Looking forward to it!!

  • #87799

    Just so y’all know, Urban Earth in Midtown has lots of fairy garden supplies and plants. ..creeping thyme, Elfin Thyme, Lemon Thyme, wire vine, tables full of sedum, herms, ice plant…

    • Ruth Ruth #87801

      Thank you so much! I will definitely come check it out!!!!

  • #87798

    Where is this being held? Is it online?

    • Ruth Ruth #87800

      Dawn, It is being held right here! Yes on this page!!!

  •  Girafne #87790

    What kinds of plants are best for this project? I am working at Lowe’s for the summer and I see a lot of cute little plants come thru my checkout line that look like they don’t grow very tall, Is that what I should choose? If I had a bird bath, I’m thinking something dripping over the side might be neat.

    • Ruth Ruth #87791

      Hi Daphne! You have it “Made in the Shade”!! ha, ha!!! Working at Lowe’s!!! Guess what? I bought all of my plants that I used for this Fairy Garden at Lowe’s!!! Perfect! Sedum is a wonderful plant for this project. It is a low ground cover and very hardy. Creeping Jenny is also a great plant to use, and will flow over the sides. Both of these plants are perennial’s and will come back in the Spring. I also used two types of Moss in my Fairy Garden, that I bought at Lowe’s, Scotch Moss and Irish Moss. I used the Moss on the hill and placed the Church on top of it. I wanted a little splash of color as well, so I used Jewel of the Desert Garnet, which is well suited for Rock Gardens. It has a tiny red bloom. I also used Yellow Hardy Ice Plant which has a yellow bloom. I used one of each. Good luck with your Fairy Garden! I would love for you to share it here with us!!! Let me know if have more questions! I will be here!!!

      •  Girafne #87794

        Awesome!!! Thanks for the plant tips!!! I will be making a list and seeing what I can find at Lowe’s this weekend! Sedum sounds like a great plant. I need plants that are easy to take care of as I don’t much of a green thumb:) I love how you used things that would have otherwise been thrown away and made something beautiful! I have a birdbath that I found alongside the road and my husband put it together for me and put water in it….I have not seen one bird get in it and the water is gross….so I may make a fairy garden out of it!! I wish I had saved one of those Christmas light up houses (I had a ton of them). I am sure I can find some cute stuff around…probably just around my house!!!

        • Ruth Ruth #87796

          Birdbaths are wonderful vessels to use for your fairy gardens, because they are shallow and roomy! Yes! Go for it Daphne! Making Fairy Gardens is almost like being a child again for me. It’s a little like playing house! Sometimes I can actually pretend to be a tiny person wondering around in my fairy garden!!! Ha, ha!! That makes it really fun, because I put things in it that I would like if I was playing in my garden! You can use just about anything you want to! Also, after you have made it, you can continue to add to it! I added a few things to mine today that I ran across. As far as bringing it in for the winter, you don’t have to! The plants that I use will die down in the winter and will come back in the Spring! I will collect the items that I have placed in the garden and put them in a container to put back out in the Spring and rework it and add to it! Have fun with it and share your’s here! We would love to see it!!! Happy Gardening!!!

        •  Girafne #87795

          Another question….Do you store your fairy garden inside every winter or just leave it out and rework it in the Spring?

          • Ruth Ruth #87797

            If it is small, yes you can bring it in. If it is to big, its ok, because most of your plants will come back in the Spring!!!

  •  Suzzque #87788

    I was wondering where you get all the adorable little figures for your fairy gardens

    • Ruth Ruth #87789

      Hi Suzanne!!! I go to a lot of yard and estate sales and also flea markets!! I pick up odd and end things that I like when I see them! I went to an amazing show here in Memphis last weekend, and there were baskets full of tiny things like this, so I gathered up some and they were perfect for this Fairy Garden!!!! Also, I save things, lol!!!!! Any little thing that I think I may could use for a project! You just never know where you may be able to use them! The Fairy Gardens are really a lot of fun to make, because there is no right or wrong. You just put things in them that you love!!! If you decide to make one, I would love for you to share it with us!!!

  • Ruth Ruth #87787

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity to share one of my favorite hobbies, Gardening!!!! The great thing about this, is that it incorporates my favorite thing to do, and that is “Junking”!!!!! This was such a fun project. I can not wait to tell you all about the process to make your very own Fairy Garden!!!!! Let’s get the party started!!!! Ask away and share some of your garden creations here as well!!!!!

    •  Monica7793 #87851

      Just posted my succulant garden with a vintage bunny – fun !

      • Ruth Ruth #87852

        Hi Monica!! I would love to see a photo of it!! Will you share it with us?

        •  Monica7793 #87854

          Ok, a little technology challenged here. Trying to upload my picture but getting error that max size allowed is 2000 kb. Is there something I need to do different ?

          • Ruth Ruth #87858

            I see your photo Monica!!! You got it!!! Love it!

          • Ruth Ruth #87857

            Oh Monica! I love this and love your story behind it!!! You sound like me! Never, ever let it go to the trash, because you know you just might need it and you did! It looks fabulous! Love what you did here! This will be so pretty inside! I like that you used the sea shells. I collect sea shells every time I go to the beach and then they sit in the bag forever! Great idea! Your little bunny is so cute! I would just spritz it with some water a couple times a week. It will not need much since it is inside. Let it get a little sun as well! All plants whether they thrive in shade, need some sun. You do not want to drench this with water because it does not have any drainage. Your sea shells are good to have so your plant roots do not sit in water, because they will rot. I love it and thank you sharing this with us!!! You have inspired me today!!! Thank you!

          •  Monica7793 #87856

            Ok progress !!! So, here’s my story. I did this for under $10 !!!
            Vase, rescued from a recent trip (a florist vase that my sister couldn’t get in her suitcase so I rescued it, my junker voice in my head would not let it go to the trash – I had my vision for this garden). The rabbit got at a recent estate sale. The bottom I used sea shells I had in my garage from trips to the beach. The only expense really was the succulents that were like $2 each at the hardware store.

            Now, to keep this alive ! So anyone have tricks for keeping these succulents alive ? Also, this will be an inside fairy garden.

            Thanks Ruth for inspiring us non green thumb folks !


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