Furniture Painting Dilemma

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    Hi Guys! I know I can get some help here. I bought a fabulous maple china cabinet for a VERY reasonable price and I want to paint it white. I just took the doors off and realized the dividers on the glass are only on the back side of the glass. In other words, the glass is all one piece and the wood “divider” panel is on the back side. I don’t see any way to remove it, and the maple color is going to show through on the front! I guess I’ll have to cut it out – I don’t see any other way. Any ideas?

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  •  Anonymous #84699

    You all were right – my husband was able to remove the little moldings which were tacked around the glass on the inside, holding it in place. Since I posted this, I’ve finished painting and we just got it put back together. I’ll take a picture in the next few days and post it. Thanks to all who replied to my call for help!

  •  Anonymous #84683

    any tacks or nails will be put in the side away from the glass – it is how my husband does when he repairs stuff like that anyway

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    I was thinking there had to be a way to get the glass out, after all they had to put it in somehow. Listen to Copperhead

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    It looks like there is a little molding that goes around the front side to hold the glass in. You may have to remove that, pull the glass out, paint and put the molding back. You have to be very careful when you remove that stuff it is very thin and can break – but since you are painting you might be able to buy more and paint it before you put it all back.

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