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    a sweet lady gave me alot of perennials from one of her many flower beds. some have been in her yard for over 40 years and come from many sources. (her children when they were growing up, relatives who’ve passed on and friends/family who know her passion and indulge it)

    she has such a variety and can tell you just about anything you need or want to know about not only flowers but so, so many other subjects. she was a well of knowledge. she had a relaxed and comfortableness about her….you know immediately you are not a stranger she just doesn’t know your name yet!!

    i learned so much this day….about giving, receiving, memories, passions, laughing, smiling, being comfortable in my skin. the gift of flowers now seems to be the least she did for me this afternoon! she showed me the power of a flower….its endurance and how memories are made-kept.

    i cannot look at a flower the same way or from now on at the ones she gave me without thinking a moment of her!!!

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  •  Anonymous #74794

    Oh My Goodness….it had to hurt so bad. Have you thought about walking around with them raised over your head to stop the throbbing? Now that would be a sight! Take care with them!

  •  Anonymous #74788

    Well, they feel better today.. only a little numb.. which feels strange.. I worry about the nail loss, but guess not much I can do but to make sure I keep clean and covered when I am working with hands and uncovered at night to get air.. I was my own darn fault and only reason I posted the pic was so you all be very careful .. it was really sore at the time.. I thought for sure I lost the tips of my fingers and there I was trying to get the darn door open and it had locked and I had to twisted my body around to unlock.. it was a sight.. but I can laugh about it now.. LOL ouch .. LOL ouch..

  •  Anonymous #74787

    OUCH – that is so off the pain index…

  •  Anonymous #74786

    Huggybear-I did the same thing a little over a year ago, but just with my ring finger, not two of them ๐Ÿ™ It hurt A LOT! The damaged nail came off in pieces as the new one grew in, it took about 6 months before my nail looked normal again.

  •  Anonymous #74784

    OH HUGS…

  •  Anonymous #74783

    and if anyone is interesed in it.. slow down or you will end up with nails like this.. and they do smart a little.. LOL

  •  Anonymous #74782

    Oh the old fingers are doing fine.. will lose the nails..but that is okay will grow new ones back.. I think LOL the tips are a little numb .. just God’s way of telling me to slow down.. Here is pic one of the sale roses and it has several buds on it..

  •  Anonymous #74780

    OUCH Huggy, that could put a damper on junking and crafting! Hope they’re better soon.

  •  Anonymous #74721

    but you still found a way to type in your story ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s dedication. My younger sister always gets flowers at the end of the season when they are on discount and they look like death warmed over but she has a green thumb and brings them back to life! Jan, love the azaleas. We lived in Savannah Ga back in the 80’s and Victory drive had the most beautiful azaleas. Yours take me back ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #74714

    Went to Lowe’s yesterday since I am on vacation even tho I am recoving a hospital stay.. I was getting cabin fever and so I go to Lowes or to a garden store.. I like to go to the back of Lowes garden store early in the mornings as they have some of their flowers and bushes that are not looking so good and lots of time have them 75% off.. I picked up three more rose bushes.. for $4.25 each and they are really nice.. took them home cut off the dead branches and planted them last night.. that makes about 10 rose bushes I now have in my yard.. hope they all do as well as my yellow ones.. they bloom 4 times in the summer.. and are so pretty.. I am trying to root some cuttings this year too. well I also almost lost the tips of two of my fingers on that little trip as I was closing the back door of the Explorer and forgot to pull my hand away fast enought and caught my pointer and middle finger in the door.. I cussed like a sailor and had one heck of a time getting the door open again.. I thought for sure I lost the tips of the fingers.. but I just brusied them really good and will more than likely lose the nails on them both.. Oh well , dumb me.. in a hurry.. I am trying to slow down.. take time for me.. I have always been one to do thing right now.. but these two fingers are telling me something.. like OUCH…OUCH OUCH LIKE HELL…

  •  Anonymous #74713

    This is a couple of pictures of our azaleas in our backyard this year. Despite a nasty cold winter they survived really well and are so pretty this spring. Jan

  •  Anonymous #69037

    Very nice! I love daisies, they’re just happy flowers. Mine got huge this year too. I had 7′ tall delphiniums, never seen them get that big before. It was a great year for flowers.


  •  Anonymous #69026

    The fence is just about 6 foot.. and the yellow flowers are marigolds , I have never seen them grow so tall.. I have the same amount of flowers on both sides of the fence.. they just did awesome this year.. too bad veggie garden did not do as well..LOl

  •  Anonymous #69025

    let see if I can post a pic that I took on my cell phone of my dasies

  •  Anonymous #68279

    Duh, one day I will be able to do it.. I am a go getter and I will one day post pics here.. in the mean time.. I love reading all your stories.. it is just awesome how flowers can make someone so happy.. the ones I planted for the older neighbor and his mother are doing so well, I am so happy .. she is in poor health and he has to take her to doctor and etc. so everytime she walks out of the house and down her steps, which is very hard for her.. she can see all the pretty flowers .. and she just smiles.. .. makes my heart feel so good.. it is nice to have nice neighbors.. but then I do have some crabby ones.. but nothing you can do for them to make them happy so I just smile and go on about my business of making other happy.. and it is nice to see a son taking care of his elderly mother.. he is so good to her.. so if a few flowers brings her happiness I am so glad I took the time to do the flower area for her.

  •  Anonymous #68103

    okay since I can not get my dasies to post here maybe is my birdbird?feeder

  •  Anonymous #67489

    nope still not sure how to post pics here yet.. duh, sometimes these computers make me feel so dumb..LOL and then when I learn how to do it.. I just say to myself …geezze….

  •  Anonymous #67488

    let me see if I can post this pic

  •  Anonymous #67484

    Sometimes children can make your proud! I love daises. They are so down to earth. Sounds like you raised a fine young man. My middle daughter is the typical teenager in most ways. We definitely butt heads sometimes. She has friends whose parents are (how do I say this) PHSYCO! but they are great kids. She’ll get off the phone with one and just give me a hug and say “Thanks Mom for being a good Mommy” (Wiping tear from my eye) I will miss them when they leave. Diane

  •  Anonymous #67482

    One of the ladies I work with gave me a ton on daises last year and I planted them thinking oh not sure if they will make it.. but they did and they were so pretty. well this year.. they tripled in numbers so I was able to give some away to neighbors and family, one night as I was down in back with my construction worker son, he looked up the property and said to me.. Mom, you did so good.. those flowers are just awesome.. and now for a young man to say such a thing is sure worth all the hard work planting them etc. he is so proud of those flowers.. Funny how one thing can change how a person feels about something.. I know he loves his work, but I am sure now he loves pretty things too.. and he loves to see things grow.. loves that we have a veggie garden and etc. just thought I would share..


  •  Anonymous #64535

    to magark. Oh, my gosh that is so sweet of you! i just love the people on junk revolution. i will e-mail you my address. We are getting ready to put in the floors, finish the shower and add appliances. the plumber and hvac still have to finish and then i’m looking at a labor day party.

  •  Anonymous #64426

    Thanks to all of you for these beautiful stories!

  •  Anonymous #64383

    Diane – I have a ton of doilies and would love to give you some if you are interested. I pick them up for 50 cents or less around here and they are quite detailed too. Email me if you are interested and I can mail them to you. magark4453@sbcglobal.net

    Thanks! Jan

  •  Anonymous #64375

    thanks, it’s been a long year and a half, but we are in the final stretch and the house is twice as big as it was. i keep going on ebay looking for replacements like doilies. they may not have been my mothers or aunts but they were done by somebody with love. and i did find a spatula that is very close to my aunts.

  •  Anonymous #63036

    Diane sooo sorry to hear about your home…

  •  Anonymous #63033

    sorry to hear about your home, that’s devastating in itself without all the items gone, too.

  •  Anonymous #63032

    Our home burnt down last year and it was filled with family furniture and memories. I lost my grandmothers Hoosier cabinet, a hickory rocker that belonged to a great aunt and too many doilies and embroidered items to count, but one of the things I miss the most is the spatula/cake turner that my Aunt Josephine used to make pancakes for me with. Everytime I held it I remembered her. Back to the flowers, each of my 4 sisters and I have a hot poker plant. None of us really like it but Aunt Bertha gave it to us and we would never dig it up. We just smile and think of Aunt Bertha!

  •  Anonymous #63027

    Oh how sad…How can people do that to someone… That is heart breaking…

  •  Anonymous #63026

    these stories put me in mind of a sad one.

    2 older ladies that i used to bowl with (1 was like the devil sitting on one shoulder-gruff, complaining and untrusting….the other like an angel-sweet, never complained and trusted everyone!!)

    miss sweety’s husband had won a stone in a local giveaway like 25+ years before and eventually had it made into a necklace for her when they were able to. she wore it all the time.

    she traveled to las vegas with family and took it off in the room, got ready for dinner and left to eat…she remembered after the fact, she’d put it on the side table yet, they kept on to their evening….when they came back, it was gone.

    hotel staff really didn’t inquire much as to who all was in the room-restocking,cleaning, etc…they just told her…..when you get back home-file an insurance claim….they replace most the cost, i’m sure!!!

    only time i saw her upset and complaining….it broke her heart…it could never be replaced!! she passed away a few years ago and i know she left this earth still wondering where that necklace was….it wasn’t the object-it was a part of her late husband…a part of their life together that she wanted replaced!

    some people just don’t get it! (?)

  •  Anonymous #63024

    Yay Leveta! You sound like a woman after my own heart!!! I have odds and ends of all kinds of lil’ dime store, garage sale/thrifted things that my Grandfather gave to my Grandmother and never for the life of me would I part with a BIT of it!!! Kari, that is a beautiful story! And Hillbillies – great job saving the chest! Isn’t it so fun to have some history in the everyday items?

  •  Anonymous #63023

    Mom and Dad were in the service when they met and 2 weeks later married. Her first engagement ring had a faux diamond(which has yellowed over time) set on a gold band. In later yrs he got her a real one. But I told her I wanted the first one cause the first had more meaning to me then the other…We had a friend who was in the jewerly business, and he seen the ring and made a comment that I needed to replace that old yellow thing and put a new stone in it. I said NO cause it wouldn’t have the same meaning…

  •  Anonymous #63021

    I agree Kari, that we are very sentimental people. My grandmother’s house got flooded and condemed during last summer’s flood. In the process of helping her clear out her house she had a very sad chest of drawers in the back room. The veneer is peeling and it’s missing a couple handles… she was going to toss it and I asked her the history on it (if something has history I want to know about it). It was given to my granparents as a gift years ago… I never met my grandfather, he died in a farming accident when my mom was 16.

    I had to have that chest of drawers, to put my clothes in the same drawers that my grandfather did… it means something to me… most people think I’m crazy… but it ties me to him in my own way…

  •  Anonymous #63019

    Such wonderful stories…we junkers, antiquers, are truly sentimental.

    In my last home, I had a neighbor that lived next door a 3 story home with a walk up attic for over 90 years – her father had built the home. Every now & again she would invite me over to show me something before it was donated to our local historical society. When she passed away, her kids requested that I pick something from her estate to take that would remind me of her. I asked if I might have the geranium she would hang every winter in root form in her basement, replanting it in a spatterware bucket on my side of her home. The geranium bloomed that summer in her memory in my yard…and now that bucket sits in my current kitchen in fond remembrance of Mrs. Reed.


  •  Anonymous #63012

    It does make you wonder if she is looking after everyone! What a great story, and give you a warm fuzzy everytime you look at that plant…

  •  Anonymous #63001

    Oh – that’s a beautiful story! It is also fantastic that you get to tell that story along with the delivery of the plants, then Richard’s grandson knows just how many different ways his Grandfather touched others lives!

    My Mom has a tale to tell as well but since she’s M.I.A. on here, I will tell it! My Grandmother LOVED the Christmas cactus’s (please excuse me, I don’t know much about plants, so I don’t know if that is the official name!) and every year she would get one! From what I understand they are only supposed to bloom once, then die off. Well, my Grandmother nursed her last one along and when she passed away, my Mom hauled it home with her and placed it in her window sill. That thing has just grown and grown, and the only time it blooms (and when it does, it is FULL of blooms) is when the whole family is gathering at Moms’…and it seems to not matter AT ALL what time of the year it is!!! Christmas HA! I’ve seen that thing bust out flowers in August!!! We always know she is watching us and laughing at our shenanigans though!

  •  Anonymous #62960

    great warm and fuzzy story… I love how simple acts of kindness can carry on over and over again… I love to be a part of it when it happens…

  •  Anonymous #62929

    Aww…what a great, inspiring story. It’s amazing what a person can do without even realizing their impact on another.

  •  Anonymous #62926

    a vie Renouvele thats a beautiful story, thanks for sharing!

  •  Anonymous #62924

    That is such a sweet story and you will enjoy many treasured memories each time the plants bloom. Share pictures with us when they bloom this year. Vanessa – you must share some seed from the climbing petunias this year. I love vintage periennals ! Thanks! Jan

  •  Anonymous #62922

    Oh Linda that is a wonderful story. One never knows when they get up in the morning how they may impact anothers life…These ladies here have impacted mine greatly…

  •  Anonymous #62921

    That is sooo sweet! It reminds me of a similar experience. When we first moved into this house 15 years ago the yard (4 1/2 acres) had been pretty much stripped of it’s gardens and beautiful old trees. The elderly couple that lived here thought that they were to much work so they had everything removed! I cried when I saw the old pictures! Anyway, there was a garage sale 1 mile from here and I never pass up a sale! I stopped & this elderly man had tons of old fashioned plants for .50 each. I bought a bunch and we talked for quite a while. Two days later I saw this truck pulling up the driveway, I went out and low & behold it was Richard with the entire bed of his truck filled with plants…………All for me! Richard and I became great friends. He passed a few years ago & I miss him terribly! A few weeks ago I ran into his daughter. She asked if I had any of her Dad’s plants? I told her I have a whole yard filled with them. Her son just bought his first house and he would like to have flower gardens like his grandfathers. As soon as the plants come up I’m taking Richards grandson at least a truck bed of plants…………I know Richard is smiling…………


  •  Anonymous #62917

    I was at an estate sale last week. A couple women were selling their mother’s things. As I was paying I noticed these beautiful climbing petunias and commented on them. The woman said her mother had them growing there for years. Then she pointed to a pot on the porch with more of the petunias growing in it and said she would sell it to me for $5. They are beautiful and I am praying I can keep them alive. I will try to post pictures after they grow up a little bit.

  •  Anonymous #62883

    We hit a plant sale at one of the local businesses and got some small plants to put in our containers for a start. I put them in the greenhouse until the stormy rains predicted for tomorrow move on out of here. DH has a good start on his spinach and basil plants too. I just got some good blooming plants, petunias, marigolds, salvia, and a few others. This will give me something to do on Monday or Tuesday. I love container gardening. Jan

  •  Anonymous #62873

    that’s great… and you know… that’s probably all she wants from them… to pass them on to someone else who will appreciate them. I’m sure she enjoyed your time together just as much as you did! To her, having a nice talk was probably all the payment she needed.

  •  Anonymous #62870

    How sweet is that…That makes them soooo special…

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