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    I have an old wood kitchen table that I would like to make into an outdoor flower bench. I was told to sand the table, put on a coat of primer, then a coat of color latex, then a coat of white latex to distress it and it would be all right to put outdoors and the weather shouldn’t hurt it. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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  •  Anonymous #83184

    I recommend to go with vinyl coating on your table. If you can cover it with vinyl material so it will better for you. Because, flower bowl will be there and water can harm top surface. What you think about it?

  •  Anonymous #83171

    i’d suggest a couple coats of poly EACH year, especially if in direct elements with no coverage.

    i purchased an old wooden toolbox on wheels at auction, i didn’t want to alter its finish only to add poly and use it on my porch for flowers and stencil our name across it. it’s directly in the sun, rain, etc. so it gets abuse. originally i put on 3 coats and i can tell you first hand…it’s in need of more each time i get it out for use! eventually i may have to paint it as well due to fading but that’s okay because it makes me smile everytime i walk onto the porch knowing it belonged to some handyman in the 40’s or 50’s at a store that no longer exists.

  •  Anonymous #83170

    Couple of coats of exterior poly will keep it looking pretty for a long time to come

  •  Anonymous #83169

    i would put a couple coast of poly on it after all that….

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