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  • ladydianab #44875

    It is in the stores, yea! I got mine this morning at Wal-Mart. I had to work my “shift” in the antique mall this morning so had to wait to look at it this afternoon. Great issue. I will go back and read it again, only slower this time. Lots of great ideas.

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  •  Anonymous #84278

    hahaha…i really wanted to do it, it does repeat next week,will have to catch it…

    we made top 20, then top 10, we really thought we had a chance……then…..boom…knocked out….

    but they didnt pick cari cucksey this year either so we didnt feel so badly.

  •  Anonymous #84277

    Junx you or Ann should be on there – they just don’t know what they are missing.

  •  Anonymous #84276

    Junx! I so wish YOU had been a contestant this year on the Endless show on HGTV – if you can watch it on replay, I think you will understand my criticism of the contestants this year – specifically the “frat boy” team and the “yoga” team which had PET names for each other… Also so much of the hour was wasted on the transportation they had to use — instead of on the STUFF. Just sayin’ …

  •  Anonymous #84273

    haha..didnt catch the show…wish i had..will have to watch for repeats..you know i was in the top 10 finalists for this year’s show….didnt make the top three though….:(

    so i’m somewhat pleased that it wasnt so good..haha..is that bad??

  •  Anonymous #84271

    HGTV magazine is all ads too.

    As far as Ki doing tv – they would want to control her – she is a free spirit like the rest of us….

  •  Anonymous #84270

    I miss Carol Duvall, and Gwen Stephani on Decorating Cents. Design Remix where they tried not to use any money. Wouldn’t it be great if they did a show about the ladies in the “Where they Create” magazine? Or one that featured blog stars. Wouldn’t you just love to see Red Neck Chic on TV!

  •  Anonymous #84269

    Speaking of HGTV and their shows – did anyone watch the Endless Yard Sale show last Friday? There is very little I watch on HGTV any more now, although I do like the HGTV magazine very much. I did not like this year’s endless yard sale show. I do not know why they cannot enlist the talents of some one like Ki to shop that sale – instead they trick it up with inane contests & contestants. I liked the Junk Gypsies and seeing what they bought and how they repurposed some of it – the rest was garbage “entertainment”. 🙁

  •  Anonymous #84268

    Ki, can’t wait til the spring issue. I stand in front of the magazine racks and go through withdrawals because there is just nothing out there. thanks for putting this together. Now if we could just get you on HGTV. I’m sick of “buy this million dollar house” shows.

  •  Anonymous #84266

    I thought there weren’t very man ads. That magazine is mostly content which is so rare. It is usually the other way around. You see big thick magazines and very little content – it’s all ads. Or you see little thin magazines with all ads and very little content… I think I have seen a second round of those already.

  •  Anonymous #84265

    So glad you like this last issue! Fortunately Harris doesn’t rely on advertising dollars to generate revenue for FMS. The purchase price allows us to give more content and fewer ads! Yay! I believe they will reprint at some point during the season so if it has sold out in your area, it should be back on the shelves again. Working on Spring and almost have the shooting wrapped up. We are photographing wedding dresses tomorrow for our new Weddings title. Fun! Ki

  •  Anonymous #84263

    Junx – you may be able to obtain it now from Robolady:


    Margo always has them on her blog for purchase….

  •  Anonymous #84262

    It may have cycled out already. Magazines companies have been loosing money like crazy lately. Couple reasons – ever since the Walmart look for merchandising came about magazines are supposed to not overlap like they used to. It is quicker and easier to merchandize so less cost to the company. With no overlap, it is easier and less expensive for the store to try to maintain. Customers no longer put the magazines back when they are done browsing in the store. So. Magazines are put out one week and taken down the next week or two depending on how many new magazines came in the shipment for that category. Expiration date has nothing do do with how long a magazine will stay on a shelf. The magazines lose money because they aren’t selling as many ads. They aren’t selling as many because a lot of people read on line. And most magazines don’t have much for content so I buy very few magazines. I do buy Flea Market Style – I think it is well worth the money. I look at it over and over – see something new every time. BTW I leave them on the shelf as long as possible in my stores… LOL…

  •  Anonymous #84261

    i still cant find it around here…are they going to offer subscriptions?

  •  Anonymous #84260

    I had to bump up this post, seemed no one was talking about it but I knew we all bought it. I agree V J. I haven’t been to a good estate sale in a while. Partly I need to purge a lot of stuff and I’m forcing myself to take a second look at some of my past purchases. But my self control is waivering.

  •  Anonymous #84259

    For me, it was one of the best issues yet. I also loved the article ‘Make a White Turn’ best. I pore over the pages of the peoples’ homes and always see something new since they are so full. This mag is how I like estate sales & booths at flea markets – packed full.

  •  Anonymous #84258

    What did everyone think of the latest issue? I loved the white everything, and the lady that made art from found objects.

  •  Anonymous #81087

    This is the best magazine yet. My daughters, my niece, and I seem to have a contest on who can find it first. As soon as it hits our Wal-Mart shelves, it is gone. When the spring issue came out, I happened to be standing at the magazine rack, when they started to restock. I grabbed one and couldn’t wait to call the girls and tell them that I had it.

  •  Anonymous #80571

    the re-issue is selling.

  •  Anonymous #80558

    Thanks, ‘Junkie!

  •  Anonymous #80553

    It will be out in September per the FMS site

  •  Anonymous #80539

    might be a while if they just re-issued the old one

  •  Anonymous #80534

    Wow I just noticed I can’t spell…

  •  Anonymous #80533

    When can we start expecting to see the next issue on the newstands? I’m excited and looking forward to it.

  •  Anonymous #80502

    I picked up a copy of Freash Cottage. First time I ever bought one. It had so,e really cute things in it…

  •  Anonymous #80496

    so was in Books-a-million today and picked up the Garden flea market mag. Thought I hac missed it. Also got the Altered Couture for DD. Why are they sooooo expensive and why do I buy them anyway? LOL Hey Redneck Chic, Check out Mary Jane’s Farm Mag. They have some cute purses from recycled clothes and a great idea for a fundraiser with them.

  •  Anonymous #80484

    I can’t wait for the fall issue!

  •  Anonymous #80482

    It’s BACK!!!! They sent out some more!!! At first I thought it was a new issue but it is a second chance – I found 3 new copies in my morning deliveries at each store!!!

  •  Anonymous #78990

    Diane, I would like to be able to say I can’t believe someone tore a page out of the magazine you bought, but alas, such crude behavior is all too common these days. If you have the receipt, I’ll bet Target will give you another copy if you ask nicely at the customer service desk. Target is generally a very nice store to deal with. After all, who would lie and make up a story like that? 🙂

  •  Anonymous #78985

    LOL, should have done that. Was going to take it back but didn’t think they would believe me.

  •  Anonymous #78973

    Yep – I agree! How rude!

    How about putting up a “Wanted” poster in the lounge area!? LOL

  •  Anonymous #78966

    Yeah I just got mine at Cub Foods tonight. Im going to read it soaking in a hot tub.

  •  Anonymous #78958

    Took my copy of FMS to work. It’s been passed around so many times the pages are starting to curl.

    So bought the April edition of Create and Decorate magazine at Target. Thumbed through and thought it had some cute ideas. Got it home and SOMEONE HAD TORN OUT PAGE 87-88!! SERIOUSLY!! It was the page with the pictures of the projects. HOW RUDE!!!!

  •  Anonymous #78943

    Looked at Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby yesterday for small round, pre-cut mirrors. I think I’m gonna have to have four inch to fit inside the slide trays. Of course they had three inch and five inch! LOL

  •  Anonymous #78916

    We were over in Ind. a few days ago and I noticed where we were at the Borders there was closeing…

  •  Anonymous #78915

    I’ve gotten Mary Jane’s before. There’s always a cute craft. Thlis latest issue reminds me of Jillruth and her wedding decorations, with the recycled book pages. Love Green Craft.

  •  Anonymous #78910

    I have bought so many magazines in the last few days. As I posted earlier our local Borders is closing so I have beens stocking up. I got Somerset Life, Where Women Create, Handmade, and Green Craft. I also picked up one I had never seen before called Mary Jane’s Farm. I know you guys have probably read it but it is new to me. I have seen so many ideas that I can’t wait to do. I feel so inspired. Thanks for the suggestions on the magazines. I love em!!

  •  Anonymous #78900

    Picked up a Country Almanac mag today. It has some really neat dacor…

  •  Anonymous #78895

    I got mine Monday, but still haven’t looked at it. I got it at Wal Mart.

  •  Anonymous #78894

    Picked up my copy at the beginning of the week at Borders — busy reading & looking during free moments at the end of each day.

    Such a refreshing taste of spring — much needed.

    Many thanks — lovely, simply lovely!


  •  Anonymous #78865

    I bought seven slide trays at the thrift store today for $2.00 each. I just couldn’t leave any of them behind! LOL Gonna copy the idea of the mirrors made from them.

    Now I’ve got to see what it’ll cost to get mirrors cut to fit (or check at Hobby Lobby/Michaels or somewhere to see if they have any the size I need).

  •  Anonymous #78860

    Got mine at walmart yesterday. Havn’t looked at it yet. But have flipped through it…

  •  Anonymous #78852

    Yes, a big welcome to you, PeonyBlue. I love your name. Do you pronounce it the “correct” way – “pee -uh- nee” or the southern way, “pee-on-ee”?

    The first time I ever heard the word “pee-uh-nee” it took me a minute to figure out what kind of flower they were talking about! LOL

  •  Anonymous #78842

    Welcome PeonyBlue!

  •  Anonymous #78830

    Found a copy tonight at Hastings. Also saw my very own name in there as recommending the small flea market where I have two booths! I was so jazzed up that I took the magazine into where my DH was and just bragged and bragged about being a celebrity! LOL

    Saw a table covered in yard sticks/rulers! I loved the way it looked.

    Hundreds of wonderful ideas! I know where there are about 5 old carousel (that must not be spelled right – it looks funny!) Anyway!…….. type thingies to hold slides. Gonna go buy all of them and have mirrors cut to fit! Yay! LOL

  •  Anonymous #78829

    Found the magazine at the local bookstore tonight, and found y’all from the magazine. 🙂 I’m only about thirty pages into the magazine because I keep having to stop and squee about cool stuff I want to do to the new house…

    Somehow, I think this may be counterproductive to getting the thing read. LOL!

  •  Anonymous #78828

    My sis, ordered one, and I have looked through it, and can’t wait to find my own to really “savor” it as y’all have stated, AND I want Ki and Margo to sign it at W & T’s in April! I love everything I saw in it! Lezlee

  •  Anonymous #78822

    Got mine at our local Walmart yesterday! Went to an auction with my sisters, it was a good night.

  •  Anonymous #78820

    $6.88 at our sam’s club…cant beat that !

  •  Anonymous #78819

    I found it at Sam’s Club today! Woohoo! I’m saving it for later this evening. I think I, too, will try to savor it and go SLOWLY. I would think all Walmarts should have it.

  •  Anonymous #78810

    Finally Barnes & Noble in Dallas has them, and I was so excited to bring one home. I LOVE the top 10 vintage finds. Bravo to all who come up with such clever uses for old junk.

  •  Anonymous #78809

    Still looking for mine also. I can hear the Jepordy theme in my head.

  •  Anonymous #78805

    Awww…man! Can’t wait to locate a copy. I, too, have this thing for wooden rulers and yard sticks. I’ve often thought about covering the top of an old endtable that I have with rulers all the same thickness, etc.

  •  Anonymous #78800

    I bought mine the other day and I know this may sound odd, but I’m taking my time going through it to savor every page. I often blast through a new magazine and then go back over it, but it seems like even then I miss things. This time I’m going very slowly. With that in mind, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen so far, but am really loving the repurposing of old wooden rulers. I bought a bundle of old yard sticks at an estate sale that would work for several of these projects (if I can just find where I stashed them! ha!).

  •  Anonymous #78793

    I saw it at Fred’s yesterday.

  •  Anonymous #78791

    Already have mine but, it’s at Walmart in the Omaha, NE area. 🙂

  •  Anonymous #78790

    Hooray! I found my copy today!!!!

  •  Anonymous #78769

    Thanks Blossom, Yes I will mail it right to your door. As a matter of fact I just checked with the distributor to see if I can get some more. Opened my last box up today. seems everyone wants this mag, and thats a good thing.

    Go here if you want ordering info.


    I even ship internationally.


  •  Anonymous #78764

    yes! Somerset! I particularly like Somerset Life and Somerset Home.

  •  Anonymous #78761

    Ladydianab, if they have any of the Somerset Publications, they are beautiful! They have one called GreenCraft that reuses materials, but most of their publications do the same!

  •  Anonymous #78758

    I was just on Margo’s site–looking at ideas for projects to make for an upcoming antiques show***GREAT IDEAS*** and I happened to spy that you can actually buy the 2011 “Flea Market Market Style” on her site.

    Go to NEWS on her Junkin’ Journal and you will find how to order!!!

  •  Anonymous #78756

    I WANT MINE!!!! Can’t find it yet, been to walmart, booksamillion and borders. This S**KS

  •  Anonymous #78752

    Our Borders in town is closing so today I went to shop and found that they are having 40% off all magazines. I already have Flea Market Style so I picked up some other mags that will keep me occupied, but everyone who was looking at craft/home magazines (and there were a few of us!) I told them they had to have Flea Market Style. I helped sell 4 magazines!

    So.. since they are 40% off what else should I get? I am new to the “junk revolution” but very enthusiastic!

  •  Anonymous #78750

    Finally found mine after searching multiple stores. A friend of mine sent me a message stating “the quote on pg 39 is soooooooo you!” Well she’s right–that’s me all the way–my daughter calls me “cheap” but I see myself as “frugal”.

    Loved looking at all the new projects. Have a few modifications in mind. Can’t wait to get started. Will have to wait a while though as old man winter is slamming us again with up to 6-10″ of the white stuff with maybe some ice thrown in–don’t you just love winter–not!

    Thanks Ki for such a welcome relief to winter. Looking forward to the fall issue.


  •  Anonymous #78749

    Darlin’ we’ve been BEGGING for it monthly fo over a year! At least we get a fall edition this year. It’s a start.

  •  Anonymous #78748

    I absolutely love this magazine! I have it read it twice! Need more. Can we have it monthly? LOL.

  •  Anonymous #78746

    Heather and I were shopping yesterday and stopped in at a Vons grocery store in San Juan Capistrano CA and found the gal stocking the magazine shelves. Perfect timing. We had her take our photo for the blog, of course. Yeah!


  •  Anonymous #78744

    I’m still looking for it.

  •  Anonymous #78740

    Out antiquing today and saw it at two locations…in the hands of featured people. Stopped in Carver, MN — and there was the creative artist behind the softball flower art at Seasons of Carver….then on to Pine-n-tiques (think I spelled that correctly) and there was the dealer behind the button article. I couldn’t believe I was happening on celebrities!!

    Can’t wait to get my own copy in hand.


  •  Anonymous #78731

    Glad to hear it is finally hitting the stores. Hope you all enjoy it.


  •  Anonymous #78726

    Found mine tonight at the grocery store! Yeah!

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