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  • Karen #57460

    We are going to start doing some flea markets and “junkin” shows this winter and next spring, summer. Im looking for any information from those of you who have done them as to things I shouldn’t forget to take, how to plan, setup, money to bring for change, items just like that.

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  • Ruth Ruth #87228

    Join us Sept. 8-13th in the “Ask the Expert” Forum. Our guest for that week is an expert in setting up at shows!!!

  •  Anonymous #86172

    Great tips, Scented Cottage!

  •  Anonymous #86167

    Some places require a 10 x 10 white tent. You can get a nice pop up at Sam’s club for 200. At least one 5 or 6 ft. folding table (folding easier to carry)they now have them 4 ft too.. can buy at Walmart. I like to have my table raised and use PVC piping cut to the length I want for each leg, you can also use bed risers. cover for the table to almost touch ground in front, you can hide boxes under it this way and it still looks neat. Depends on the venue really. Lots of people say “don’t sit” but not an option for me so I use bar stool height directors chair…that way you are still on level with the customer. Most people don’t like to walk into a tent, put the table and other stuff as close to the front as you can. If a tent is not required, at least get a market umbrella for some shade.

    Small bills as Mama’s girl said but does depend on your pricing, I use a fanny pack to keep my money in. An apron with deep pockets works too, but it’s good to keep it on you so it doesn’t disappear.

    bottled water, snacks, tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, pens, paper, business cards, lip balm, sunscreen, garbage bag for trash,aspirin, small first aid kit.

    It’s nice to have a sign with your name, for tents i use a banner, also have a free standing sign that I can use when no place to hang a banner. Be sure every thing is tagged/priced. Expect “offers” or “will you take” “what’s your best price” so have that figured out before hand. If you have smalls then have bags and/or boxes for them. Since I make a lot I usually take something to work on. It seems to make people more comfortable if you are doing something and just smile and say “Hi, if I can help you or you have any questions…”. You can usually judge if people want to talk or not.

    Hope this helps !

  •  Anonymous #86166

    I haven’t been doing more than one show a year for a while. I ALWAYS take something very eye catching – I over price it so it either won’t sell or sells slow but it draws people in to my space.

  •  Anonymous #86165

    After doing a few shows, I made a check list. (I keep forgetting to bring certain things) Great things to remember water, sunscreen and a cute hat ( must haves if the venue is outside). Other important thing at least a $100 in random bills for change, the square(use your iPhone for customers that wish to use a credit card), business cards, e-newsletter sign up sheet ( let you customers know where you will be next, I have followers that come just for my stuff), canopy, tables, tables cloths and the list can go on. Know your space size. Super important for how many tables you may need to bring. Do a practice set up at home. This will help determine how much time you’ll need for set up and what you’ll have room for. Most importantly bring your SMILE and have FUN.

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