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    Here goes. I thought I’d show you some T2T in my house. I’ve done minimal to transform, but instead collect and display.

    I bought this sign at a garage sale. The seller had pulled it out of his neighbor’s trash. It is an authentic sign made by painting some sheet metal black and attaching it to the back of a screen door frame. If you look closely on the left you can see there is a section of a belt formerly used as a handle.

    The lettering is original. Some was fading, so I touched those areas up with white chalk. Since I’m from OH where lots of sugaring is done, I’ve been around maple syrup production all my life. For an extended school project, my 17 year-old daughter did sugaring start to finish.

    In the photo are a couple other projects. I painted the bowl at one of those storefront businesses. My younger daughter and I find it restful. I made the squiggly lines with lots of very thin masking tape.

    I made decorations in the green IKEA vases by curling blue and silver wire and hanging small "ornaments" made from blue and silver polymer clay. I did this to add a pop of green on the top ledge of my stove.

    Pretty wordy for easy projects??

    [attachment id=25097,3875]

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    Love the sign. Like the colors on the bowl.

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