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    Where is your favorite place to go for the holidays? We’re talking places that get you in the spirit of the season.

    We are heading to one of my favorite places today to gather some Christmas charm…Stillwater, Minnesota. We try to put this on our holiday “to do list” every year. This sweet riverside town will be dressed to the nines in garland & twinkle — and it is full of antique & specialty shops.

    We are off! Where might you be off to this year (or wish to be off to)?


    Will post pictures of our day: http://www.meadowviewfarmwi.blogspot.com

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  •  Anonymous #82627

    Thanks, LuAnn, for following my junk! I spend a lot of time dreaming about things that I’d like to do and less time doing!!

    Yes, it’s pretty spectacular in Frankenmuth after dark if you get a chance sometime….


  •  Anonymous #82623


    Yes it’s me following you on pinterest. One of my favorite spots to get creative–or at least think about it.

    As for Zehnders-no we weren’t there after dark–just around noon. I’ll have to check the lights out one of these days.


  •  Anonymous #82616

    I thought that you might chime in, LuAnn. Were you there after dark so that you could see the lights? And btw, Zehnder’s bakery is my fav!


    Oh LuAnn – is that you following me on Pinterest? I have a LuAnn following and I’m assuming it’s you, LOL!!

  •  Anonymous #82598

    Sue-that is a great place. Was there last week checking out Zehnder’s bake shop.


  •  Anonymous #82596

    For me, when I lived closer, it was Frankenmuth, MI. A town settled by Germans, it is one of Michigan’s favorite vacation or day destination. There are two restaurants that feature chicken dinners, many shops, hotels and restaurants, and the world’s largest CHRISTmas store. The hundreds of thousands of string lights that decorate the entire city is truly amazing to see. The town is a very German Christian group and you’ll see countless displays of the Nativity.





  •  Anonymous #82558

    I guess for me it the “The Angel, the Witch and the Old Crow” vintage shop in our local downtown. She has lovely displays and holds a “Christmas Open House” the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She does such a good job with everything (including holiday music) it’s very inspiring and mood lifting. Here’s the website: http://www.theangelthewitchtheoldcrow.com/store/Default.asp


  •  Anonymous #82554

    Pictures posted of our day in Stillwater, Minnesota….over at my place, http://www.meadowviewfarmwi.blogspot.com

    fun, fun, fun!

  •  Anonymous #82553

    McNaughton, Clifton Mill looks wonderful. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

  •  Anonymous #82546

    Clifton Mill in Clifton, OH, is a wonderful destination. Thousands and thousands of lights illuminating an old mill are mesmerizing!


  •  Anonymous #82540

    My very favorite place, this time of the year, is our place. So many drive through to see the old time decorations.Several of the local ladies’ clubs meet at our old homestead and so appreciate the back in time atmosphere. A little boy, who was about three, came through with his grandparents. He thought my husband was Santa, so he wanted to see Mama Claus. I was decorating, and happened to have on my red sweater. His eyes just twinkled, as he told his grandparents that we were Santa and Mama Claus. The Christmas spirit comes to me, with each visitor. There is no commercialism involved.I so love it!

  •  Anonymous #82536

    My sisters and I always take out nieces to the Nutcracker. We go out to eat first then to the ballet. It’s just a local show but they still have to get dressed up, this year they are wearing their princess dresses.

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