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    I saw this somewhere on the web , can’t remember where, But I had to try it. I love my new Fairy Door!

    [attachment id=17735,2845]

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  •  Anonymous #74902

    Actually it’s a green house made out of old windows. One of my best/favorite finds at an auction.


  •  Anonymous #74887

    cute! Now is that a greenhouse around? Diane

  •  Anonymous #74884

    Let’s try another pic. LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #74883

    Let’s see if third times a charm.

  •  Anonymous #74882

    Can’t get pic to post. Will try again later. LuAnn

  •  Anonymous #74881

    Let’s try it again.

  •  Anonymous #74880

    Love the fairy door. I have several fairy gardens and am continously looking for “little” things to add to them-along with plants-friend of mine has lots of “miniatures”. Here is a pic of one of my gardens. Believe it or not some of the furniture is my daugther’s old doll house furniture. Can’t wait to get started adding more gardens and fairies to them. Of course that will have to wait until Memorial weekend–daughter’s wedding is May 21st so no weekends free till then.


  •  Anonymous #74877

    I have a stump in my yard. I’m thinking about making some kind of a door. I can’t mow right up close anyway so might as well have some fun with the stump. I’m on the alert for cool fairy stuff. GD’s will LOVE it.

  •  Anonymous #74876

    When I googled “fairy door” a ton came up under images. I didn’t realize there are so many knids out there. Try it.

  •  Anonymous #74874

    I love that!!

  •  Anonymous #74871

    you’re right jillruth…it was paintwife but for the life of me….i can’t find the original post!!

  •  Anonymous #74869

    a cute idea…the grandkids would love and appreciate those!


  •  Anonymous #74868

    I think someone here on JR had posted one too—very cute Christine!

  •  Anonymous #74867

    how cute is that.. hummmm I have two nice size trees in my back yard and would make a great place for fairy doors.. only thing my son would really think I lost my marbles..LOL

  •  Anonymous #74850

    On Garden junk site they have them. It is very cute…Love the pebble walkway…

  •  Anonymous #74849

    Here’s a close up

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