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    The shop owner says she would like for me to bring in more everyday, shelf filler type stuff. I do a lot of upcycling projects like turing things into birdhouses and painting on stuff and a lot of snowmen. I have been thinking about what to make and it seems I make a lot of stuff that hangs up on the wall or goes outside not on the shelf. Anyways wondering if anyone has some ideas, what to you look for? I’ve got a couple things started with painted roosters and I have some little bottles I want to turn into photo/recipe holders. I know we have talked a lot about bed springs on here, I have some and I’m thinking about making little wool birds and putting one in a nest on a spring. Any ideas what I should try to make?

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    i love using old crocks, pitchers, coffee pots and tins for storing my utensils….but it never fails what i use, i cram it so full that its hard to grab one out on the go…..(which is the purpose of placing them to begin with!) ­čśë

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    hmmmm, everyday old stuff. I like the idea of anything that can be useful around the kitchen. Decorative storage bins, or something that can hold all those large utensils that seem to get lost in kitchen drawers.

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    Decorative picture frames ? I do GOG on 3×5 picture frame glass make a nice shelf sitter. Mini shadow boxes with decorative item inside. Minature bird house are real popular. Decorated mini hats, homemade child blocks, Decorated coffee cups for holding pens, pencils, odds and ends. Small Paperweights, Old decorative saucers for candy,paper clips etc.

    Hope a few of these ideas help.


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