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    O.K. ladies gather your supplies. You’ll need the following:

    a plastic flower pot

    8" plastic funnel

    all weather construction adhesive

    strips of bark

    a coffe can full of small stones or gravel

    a dead branch or two, about 1 1/2 diam.

    small piece of copper wire

    I’ll be back in a while to show you what your making LOL

    Ain’t I a tease

    [attachment id=7195,1331]

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  •  Anonymous #77987

    These are the cutiest!! I’ll have to watch at ES and GS for the funnels!! TFS.

  •  Anonymous #77983

    WELCOME!!!! justcraftin…Sorry I can’t help you on this one…Someone should be along shortly tho…

  •  Anonymous #77981

    Just found this website and realize this is a year old, but I have a question. What is the bottom of the pvc pipe birdhouse? Did you screw in a plywood cirle inside the pipe? Love Love Love this website!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #67681

    I love them and appreciate your step by step directions. I think I’ll try to make one myself. Kudos!

  •  Anonymous #67675

    Oh my gosh, I have found a new project.. wow.. these birdhouses are so cool… I love them.. and how much fun they would be to make.. I will have to share these with my daughters and son.. Thanks guys.. you are great.

  •  Anonymous #65203

    that’s what happens when you go in the dollar tree… “it’s only a dollar’ and $40.00 later you have a cart full of crap! Some things,like rocks, that you could find in your yard… yep… done the same darn thing!

  •  Anonymous #65176

    Confession….I found a bag I had bought in there earlier this spring for a project that never got done! Also bought some cheap sea glass! Suckers aren’t we??? Can’t wait to see your frog house when completed. Be sure and share pics with us! Jan

  •  Anonymous #65175

    ok, so i’m in the dollar tree store with my niece letting her pick out $10 worth of stuff to take to the beach and what do i buy for myself? I bought rocks, seriously I BOUGHT ROCKS! WHO “BUYS” ROCKS? can’t wait to make the frog house. his house will be done before mine! lol 🙂 Diane

  •  Anonymous #65114

    they do have some neat things. a little too pricey and most to fufu but i love their chandeliers made with teacups, Diane

  •  Anonymous #65106

    Diane – Thanks for sharing the shabbyfufu site with me. I just checked it out and they have some lovely items. Jan

  •  Anonymous #65101

    Or the broken china. I’ve seen those on Shabbyfufu.com. they can be really pretty. Diane

  •  Anonymous #65099

    I may have to purchase one of the pre-fab houses from WM or even the Dollar Tree. I do have plenty of coco grass liners from the Dollar Tree too. And I have quite a bag of rocks looking for a project. I wonder if you could make a “foo-foo” house with the flat back marbles…just in case there is a hoity toity queen flying around in the yard…LOL. Jan

  •  Anonymous #65094

    love the houses… yes… let’s add more projects!!! It will tide us over until the new Magazine!

  •  Anonymous #65072

    what a neat ideal…I agree, keep it going…

  •  Anonymous #65071

    Oh and I forgot to add, If you don’t have cast off flowerpots, funnels, PVC, bark etc You can always hit wM for those $2.00 prefab birdhouses in the craft dept. Then run over to the gardening dept. and get some cocoa mat, the kind you line baskets with and glue that on the roof.

    Notice the chickadee has taken up residence

  •  Anonymous #65065

    oh my gosh adorable! and thank you for sharing. ok ladies paintwife has thrown down the gauntlet. let’s keep this post going with projects! 😉 Diane

  •  Anonymous #65053

    OHHHH, thank you so much for the tutorial–love that all the materials are readily available and inexpensive too. Hope you post more tutorials–love them.


  •  Anonymous #65035

    Oh, I love this one too. I cannot believe what items you used – you’d never know what was under all the paint and stones. I’m going to try the copper one too.

    Thanks so much for sharing,


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  •  Anonymous #65027

    Thanks all. Yes I got the funnel at the dollar store,the pot from a plant I bought,the stones from my yard and the bark from some cedar posts my brother cut and had to peel. The construction adhesive was left over from one of DH’s projects so all this cost was my time.

    I’ve also used this same technique on 4" PVC pipe to make a bird house but I used an old galvanized funnel and painted it with copper spray paint and sponged a green patina on it.

  •  Anonymous #65025

    Very cute and the sign makes it! Thanks for sharing! Jan

  •  Anonymous #65024

    Oh my gosh this is just darling. I put a plastic plant container in the garbage yesterday (against my better judgement) so I”ll have to grab it out and make one of these. I imagine you can get funnels at the dollar store or garage sales – I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for the right funnel! Thank you so much for the tutorial – I really appreciate it.


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  •  Anonymous #65022

    Very Cute!

  •  Anonymous #65021

    Hmm the second pic didn’t load

  •  Anonymous #65020

    That is so cute!!

  •  Anonymous #65019

    Now you’re going to run a bead of construction adhesive around that top inch you left bare and attach the funnel (roof)

    Voila!! A Toad house (or toad abode as DD calls it)

    Find yourself a shady spot in the garden and plunk it down.

    I added a little sign as well.

  •  Anonymous #65018

    The next step is to take the funnel off the pot. Set the pot (still inverted) on an old board or something you don’t care about messing up.

    Put a small ring of the construction adhesive about an inch wide around the “window” you can do this by using a popsicle stick or other utensil of your choice. About an 1/8″ thick.The adhesive should be thick enough that it covers about 1/3 of the stones thickness. Outline the window with a row or two of small (proportionate)stones. Next do the same around your doorway.Though the construction adhesive takes a while to cure completely it gets less sticky to the touch rather quickly when exposed to air so the stones set pretty fast.

    After you’ve outlined your window and doorway start covering the rest of the pot with the same method,starting with a ring of stones around the bottom and work your way up. The bottom row supporting the next.Keep adding the stones turning the pot as you go. If you have to stop before your finished it’s O.K. just make sure you put stones in all the areas you’ve spread the glue and you can come back to it later.Keep going until you get to about an inch from the top (which is actually the bottom of the pot)and leave that bare.

  •  Anonymous #65017

    Oh, I’m loving where this is going…

  •  Anonymous #65016

    I put the funnel on top of the inverted pot for this step.

    Next up your going to cut or tear strips of bark and glue these to the funnel (again with the E6000 or something similar)It helps to use small clamps or rubberbands to keep things in place.

    I then cut a small branch (about 5")and glued that on the side before continuing with the bark. This is the chimney.

  •  Anonymous #65015

    Sorry about that. I got a phone call and couldn’t finish the post right then. Anyhoo…..

    Cut the rim off the pot, then cut a half cirle opening (doorway)

    Just to the top left of your doorway draw a small circle abut an inch in diam. (I used chalk) take two small pieces of copper wire and glue these bisecting the circle. I used a dab of E6000 here.This will be your window.

    Cut the spout off your funnel and glue a small chunk of your dead branch in the opening you just created.

  •  Anonymous #65013

    Tease…LOL ! Will be watching for the finished project. Jan

  •  Anonymous #65011


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