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    i think we just found a winner…a 50 ft roll of chicken wire and old windows…and walla.we are making memo boards…or what would you call them? .. plus the little clothes pins from the craft department…. i saw these at a junk show for 65 $$$ wow… never would get that here…but i thnk they will sell at 22$$ or at least give people more uses for the old windows we have for sale..

    junk is really good here… if reasonable.


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  •  Anonymous #85174

    i dont trust those dang saw tooth things…. ….mine are out of old windows[until i get some nice cheap frames] are so shabby i will probably use twine…. wire shifts , well unless you loop it in the middle…. but if you get it off center then…..oh the problems and decisions!!!

  •  Anonymous #85173

    I saw those a while back and thought about making some if I come across some old windows. How many clothespins are you going to sell with one? I was thinking 10 or 12. Was also trying to decide if a saw tooth picture holder would work or if it needed a wire across the back.

  •  Anonymous #85169

    Ann, I checked out your board. Thanks for the idea. I’m going to try that. I don’t think many people here get the repurposing idea.

  •  Anonymous #85167

    These are great. I made one last summer. Picked up a frame at the flea market ($1) and hubby and I went to hard ware store for chicken wire. It actually took the 2 of us to staple the wire flat and tight on the back of the frame. This is now hanging above my desk in the kitchen/dining area. Pictures, recipes, notes and such are posted there.

    Have a good weekend all.

  •  Anonymous #85165

    It looks like the chicken wire has big holes! I think the hard part would be to get the chicken wire on straight and smooth. I would put some vintage photos on the with the little clips and maybe some other antique looking stuff on one for display. What ever the little clothes pins will hold… Old playing cards – bingo boards – old tickets – old Christmas cards – weave a few scraps of fabric through the holes and frame something. Then again it could hold jewelry – I think it might be good to display different things it can do.

  •  Anonymous #85163

    you know i cant post pictures on here!!!lol…. its like a picture frame with the chicken wire stapled on the back and filling the frame/empty window…its on my pinterest board…here http://pinterest.com/annatgreenoak/frames-and-mirrors/

  •  Anonymous #85159

    window in time? Put some vintage pictures on it.

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