does anyone lay awake at night?

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    I am the only one who lays awake at night thinking about re-purposed items and projects? i turn on the light and write all the good stuff down and then try to get to sleep….if that doesn’t work, I must get up and work on my creation. Am I the only one who does this?

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    i come up with some of my best ideas while i’m asleep./i think its all that inspiration we look at during the pinterest, etc…it resonates in our minds all night..has to come out sometime right???

    when i first wake up, i have great ideas…but if i dont right away write them down, i forget them !!!

  •  Anonymous #82831

    Have been a writer for a lot of years – and this happens a LOT with creative people. It’s not unusual for writers to use ‘creative dreaming’, meaning they train themselves to focus their dreams on their work so they do just this, wake up with solutions or plot twists that they couldn’t quite get in their waking mind.

    When I’m in a junk project I can’t sleep at all until I’ve exhausted myself. So you are NOT alone.

  •  Anonymous #82829

    Margo, you are brilliant! Where do you get red plastic wrap?


  •  Anonymous #82797

    WOW, I am not the only one with ideas popping into my head when I’d like to be sleeping. I do come up with some of my best ideas at night. I too get up and rummage around in the tool room at all hours of the night. Getting out a can of paint, soldering a piece of glass. The flashlight idea w red saranwrap is a great idea. Thanks.

    Happy New Year fellow junkers.

  •  Anonymous #82793

    Ki – you may have a marketable idea right there… I bet someone will figure out a way to re-purpose something to go by the bed and light up and still look cool. I’m always groping for either the pencil or the paper or the light. Cell phone works good for light

  •  Anonymous #82785

    Margo, is this experience talking?

  •  Anonymous #82784

    Ki get a flash light and cover the lens with clear red saran wrap. This will keep you from getting too awake, but you’ll still be able to see.

  •  Anonymous #82780

    I keep a notepad beside my bed. Some of my best ideas or project solutions come in the middle of the night. Sometimes when I wake up I look at the doodles on the page and think, but will it work??? I don’t like to turn the light on for fear of waking myself up too much so I have learned to doodle in the dark. I bet there is a lighted sketch pad for just this! Or at least an ap.



  •  Anonymous #82763

    arrggh..I had 2 nights this week that I didn’t fall asleep until after 3am because I was laying there with my mind in high gear. I keep a notebook next to my bed to write things down. I even got up and rummaged for a night time cold pill and I don’t even have a cold!I’d rather be thinking about creative stuff though…at least it is sort of productive as opposed to those worrisome “what if” thoughts about my kids and husband!

  •  Anonymous #82760

    My man can sleep through anything…

  •  Anonymous #82758

    too funny! aren’t our husbands the ones usually in outer space!

  •  Anonymous #82752

    I often find myself daydreaming or thinking about my booth and projects while I’m watching TV or a movie with my husband; I have to stop & “wake up” so he doesn’t find out that I don’t know what’s going on! đŸ™‚

  •  Anonymous #82744

    Callef, I was beginning to think I had lost it. So glad there are others out there who do this as well. I also think about moving things around to look better. In my home and at the shop. hubby sleeps through just about anything. I always keep paper and pen on nightstand. I have even used my cellphone light to write things down. I guess I am just thrilled to be turning trash into treasures. I like to get in bed, get comfy, say a few prayers and fall out. Laying in bed awake drives me crazy. I want to get up and create something. Why do we have to sleep. I just want to keep going all day,but in reality I cant.

  •  Anonymous #82741

    Honey, you are definitely not the only one! I can’t turn on the light because I’d wake darling husband, but I do often think about my booth stuff and projects while I wait to fall asleep.

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