Do you hear what I hear??

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  • LuAnnLuAnn #44792

    Been on a "sheet music" project kick lately. I’ve seen these done before but have put my own spin on them. Even my daughter loves the tree. Found the music holder at a recent ES–doesn’t it fit in just right???


    [attachment id=20949,3409] [attachment id=20949,3410]

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  •  Anonymous #77791

    Vintage sheet music…so charming.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!


  •  Anonymous #77787

    They tussies hold green glittery leaves, red glitter branches and angel hair. I guess they could be used for Valentines Day, too!


  •  Anonymous #77785

    what is in the paper tussie mussies?

  •  Anonymous #77784

    They are beautiful. I enjoy seeing creations made from sheet music. I have hundreds of vintage music books the older the music, the better.

    I made these paper tussie mussies last year and sold some in my booth.

    It was and is, to this date, the only creation I have made.

    I am with your daughter–I think the tree is very pretty.

    Great work!!


  •  Anonymous #77772

    really cute!! works just right!!

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