Do junkers shop at IKEA?

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    DH took me to IKEA yesterday – I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of it. I’m trying to figure out how I can mix junk and IKEA concepts. I kind of felt like they are marketing how to keep things minimal & how to organize your stuff at sort of low costs. Their concepts are good. Maybe that is my skew on it anyway. I’m scouring their catalog to figure out what will work with what I have on hand and what I can use to do the job. The crowds of people on a Sunday was totally overwhelming. I guess there is a lot rolling around in my head while I wait for the room to be ready to set up. IKEA has some nice concepts in kitchen cabinets – you buy the box and choose doors to go on them. We are having to keep things on the cheap. In the kitchen, we are using an old metal sink base and sink I found on Craig’s List. I like the old fashioned drainboards… besides it is an old 1950s house. Then I found IKEA has sinks with built in drain boards… sigh… the price was perfect. Then we had some old cabinets on hand and we will be using them as well. Not much cash is out of pocket – of course the work is done by DH with some help from me so no out of pocket for labor. We have out of pocket for plumbing, wiring, drywall and paint. Then we will have to come up with some kind of counter tops. I keep thinking about pot and pan racks. I think I’ve collected every odd picture on the internet but haven’t seen what I really want. I’m loving IKEA lights. I got one for over the bathroom sink for less than $10 and it sort of looks mid-century or modern and uses an LED bulb. I have been watching thrift stores and dug through our stash for some time and this I guess felt right. I love their little bathroom sinks but we already had one on hand – I got the smallest one I could find and it was cheaper. The re-store usually has sinks but they are too big for that room. Most of what we will use in there will be second hand or on hand with a few things store bought and some home made – I do draw the line at second hand potty seats…

    What junk have you used in the bathroom to make your life simpler? What one piece of junk do you use in the kitchen to make your life less complicated?

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  •  Anonymous #86069

    On our recent Friday jaunt to Junk Bonanza, we ended the day at IKEA in The Cities. It was a perfect complimentary combination! The Minnesota Flea Market the next morning was true icing on the cake.

    I tend to buy more for my 25 year old son at IKEA….but do like to look. It is inspiration for me….I like the contrast of vintage & new, and you can’t beat the prices.


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    This doesn’t answer your question directly, but is a fun website to see how Ikea products can be modified.

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    I’m not in too big trouble it was 2 hour drive. That is what I’m looking for – stuff that will compliment what junk I am going to use.

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    I have an old mustache mug in my bathroom to hold my toothbrushes. It’s really pretty with roses painted on it. I have an old sewing machine drawer to hold my salt, pepper and sugar. It keeps them neat and I always know where they are. I have never been to IKEA but have been on their website. I’m with Margo, would definetly be in trouble if one was closer.

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    If I had one in my town I’d be in big trouble. As it is, I have to drive 2 hrs, but I’ve done it. So I guess your answer is Yes. Although what I’ve purchased has been small and compliments my junky style.


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