DIY Silver Leaf

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  • SallyWilliams SallyWilliams #87839

    I love it! Too bad I just saw it today. Nonetheless, this would be very helpful for many people like me. I have saved the link so I could follow the steps. I’d like to make one for my home too. I think my daughter would love this.

  •  Anonymous #84701

    I love silver leaf – it’s a great look. I did learn my lesson on keeping it simple, though. I did a French Provincial style nightstand with drawer and shelf, and it took forever. Turned out beautiful, but I couldn’t sell it for enough to justify all the time spent.

    •  Tessadw #87173

      I have a frame from the late 1700s that I am in the process of resilvering. It has two clay angels and damaged trim on the inner part of the frame. I stabilized it and am ready to silver those parts. Should I silver all the wood too or should I varnish the wood?

  •  Anonymous #84684

    impressive; thanks for sharing the step-by-step

  •  Anonymous #84673

    Seemed nice, i love it ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #82198

    Great Job!!!

  •  Anonymous #82196

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  •  Anonymous #82193

    I like it, Kristen, nice job.

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