Displaying a Collection of Old Baseballs?

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  • SecondHandRosie #45095

    Somewhere in the last few days I saw the neatest arrangement of old stuff: books, a dried arrangement, old baseballs in some kind of a container, etc. I’m thinking it was some type of glass thingie, or something but I don’t know where I saw it.

    Bought eight baseballs the other day at a garage sale. Some of them even have names written on them. Give me some cool ideas for displaying them for sale, please. Would really like to display all of them in a container and not do the one in each cubby hole type arrangement. TIA

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  •  Anonymous #81612

    gigi – so would an old leaky aquarium.

  •  Anonymous #81611

    realize this machine is more modern than i’d like but you know the huge gumball machines that light up/play music while dispensing gumballs?? that would make an awesome holder for old baseballs….well, once you junktified the machine of course! ­čÖé

  •  Anonymous #81609

    it’s in october…i cant wait…i have the ohio one next week….i look forward to these shows all year..they are by far the ones i love the most !! hope to see you.(it’s a LONG day for a child…)

  •  Anonymous #81607

    LOL..I think I actually came through your booth last year and you had a bunch of customers and amazing stuff! I’m not sure..when is it again? I was with my daughter and then 2 yr old grandson so we really had a quick day..he was not as impressed in the goings on as I was (except with the food and the piles of pumpkins!)If I make it I will certainly drop by!

  •  Anonymous #81606

    not to side track this post..but hopeandjoy….are you going to the fair this year??? i vended last year and will be there again this year…stop by my booth and say hello. !

    and i like the bucket idea too !

  •  Anonymous #81586

    Oh I have just the bucket. It’s an old horse feed bucket. It is round and fluted all the way around, rope handles and it is riveted to a plate in the bottom.

  •  Anonymous #81579

    I saw a dealer at the Atlanta Country Living fair last year that had a huge zinc tub of them..a smaller bucket would look just as good, there is just something about old zinc that is cool! Apple cupcake stand is a cool idea and everything looks better massed in a big glass jar.

  •  Anonymous #81577

    I was thinking of those large glass jars that you often see in a store selling votive candles. I found one at the Crate and Barrel website.

  •  Anonymous #81575

    yeah, first thing I thought of – how would anyone get just ONE out to look at? LOL! how about one of those apple, cupcake stands?

  •  Anonymous #81574

    The cloche looks cool but I think if you had it in your booth, that would be a runaway baseball incident waiting to happen.

  •  Anonymous #81573

    That was just them tossed in an old wood crate of silverware.

  •  Anonymous #81572

    Oopss..guess I should add it first LOL

    I like them in an old silverplated trophy or urn or ice cooler.

  •  Anonymous #81570

    I don’t know if this pic will attach

  •  Anonymous #81553

    Thanks, everyone. Margo, I think that they WERE in a cloche type thingie with other things around them.

  •  Anonymous #81209

    I found a pic

  •  Anonymous #81208

    I saw some under a large cloche.

    Or just make a baseball pyramid.


    Margo aka Robolady



  •  Anonymous #81205

    SHR…was it maybe a clear cube? i saw one in a recent magazine.

  •  Anonymous #81203

    How about a large wooden bowl? Just about anything looks good in one of them.

  •  Anonymous #81197

    How about a wire locker basket, a old wood crate or tool box, a small vintage suitcase or a little red wagon.

  •  Anonymous #81194

    How about putting two bats side by side opposite ends – then put the balls in between – sort of a center piece – maybe a glove on one end and a hat on the other.

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