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    Has anyone made one of these with the crystal tear drop? It was mounted on a piece of copper pipe. I saw one in Canton, Tx. at the flea mt. a few yrs. ago now I have the stuff to make it I’m not sure where to begin!


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    I finally remembered to turn it upside down and see how it is held in place. Looks like a wire is threw the hole in the crystal and a bunch of wire is just wadded up inside the faucet to hold it there.

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    Yes it is. Do you know what’s holding the crystal in it? Thank you

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    Is this what you are talking about? I got it for Mothers day a few years back, my son bought it somewheres in KC, I have not made any. I keep hoping I will find some faucets at a sale or flea market other wise they would cost too much to sell around here.

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    lovetogarden….try search comm at left and enter “mosaic watering can”….is this what you’re referring to…..i’m not sure without a picture??

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