Decorating with Vintage and Junk Finds

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  • RuthRuth #86995

    I like to find great arhitectutual elements to decorate with in my home! Some of things I love are old columns, trim and car parts!! What about you?

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  • JoshuaPierce JoshuaPierce #87870

    That’s a great idea! I’m also using a vintage and junk materials but in some DIY crafts and art work.

    •  Sheryl992 #87871

      JoshuaPierce, would love to see pictures of your art work using old junk!!

  • SallyWilliams SallyWilliams #87840

    Nice! I have always wanted to decorate my home with vintage items but would always hesitate. I’m really not sure if it would fit my furniture. I am also wondering what you can do with car parts at home. I’m sure my husband would love it if a part of our home is decorated with car parts. We have a lot at home and I would love to surprise him with it.

    •  Sheryl992 #87872

      Sally, I just saw a blog ( I don’t remeber which one) who used a fender off of what looked like a 1940-50’s car as a magnet board! She left the original color ( turquoise) and also numbers that the car parts place must have put on it. The numbers were Yellow I guess and it was the colors she used in her home. Very unusual and original. I would check Pinterest for any other car part ideas.

    •  Sheryl992 #87845

      I have seen benches made out of the front end of classic cars. I have also seen old car windows made into mirrors or framing pictures. Things like old headlights would be really cool used as a paper weight. You could also paint hub caps and make a wall arrangement out of them. Hopefully this gets you started thinking in the right direction.

  •  Sheryl992 #87155

    I would really like to know what you do with the car parts. I have seen car mirrors used but I find the subject interesting. I like to make tables out of flea market finds. I have one made out of 4 soda pop crates. They also hold some of my decotating books. I have also made one out of a large peanut butter crock and a 1940s hospital stool. The kind to boost people up in beds or exam table. My husband made a wooden top for the crock. It is storage tool. They seem to fit into my hundred year old beachy cottage.

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