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    We have a deck floor that the boards are splitting and would like to do something with it. We’ve sanded and stained but didn’t help. We mayb try flipping the boards but not an option right now. don’t want to paint it.

    Has anyone made a floor cloth?

    Any other suggestions would be helpful. thanks

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  •  Anonymous #81107

    thanks. It is splintering also faces south with a small cover over it. I’m not wanting to paint it as I’m trying to get away from to much maintantance. DH and I are getting older and he’s not able to do the staining and painting. We’re thinking of flipping the boards. Not sure that is an option till we do it and see what the under side looks like. I’m probably not a good enough painter to do the rug!!

    thanks for your suggestions.

  •  Anonymous #81090

    if no rain comes in on the deck….i can’t see a problem with being slick from paint….maybe you could pick up the rug colors and make the edge more rustic looking with multiple colors.

    unless you could find some accenting pieces of carpet or fabric samples, etc. and make your own edging to compliment the main rug….i think that would be awesome and very original!!!

    i’d love to see your finished deck!!

  •  Anonymous #81086

    I forgot to mention, that after I painted ours, I did find an indoor/outdoor rug that matched the doors. So, only the edges of the deck show. This is a covered deck with doors opening into our dining room and my art room. Both rooms have lots of glass, so I wanted it to look like an extension of them.I suppose painting an open deck would present the problem of being slick.

  •  Anonymous #81085

    we found a barn paint…comes in only red or white….LOVE IT!!

    spread easy, cleaned up great and it’s holding better than the severe weather we had on before!

    never made a floor cloth…?…but you can find some cheap indoor-outdoor rugs that are pretty as well!! try a big lots for cost.

  •  Anonymous #81084

    be careful with the painting…i painted mine and it’s so slippery when wet………..i wouldnt do it again.

  •  Anonymous #81083

    I know you have said you don’t want to paint it,but…I painted my side deck boards with a creamy off white interior paint. Then, I allowed the natural aging from foot traffic. When it reached the point I liked, I put a clear finish on it. It does get a lot of traffic, so it didn’t take long to get the desired wear.

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