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    Instead of flipping the boards we put down new red wood. Boy is it slick!!! It is sooo pretty but need to use sand or something sprinkled in the stain. I stained the wood with 2 coats before we built it. DH walked out on it today to get the mail and said even with it dry and his bare feet is was slick.

    Any suggestions on a product that will stop the slickness? TIA.

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  •  Anonymous #81700

    I wonder if you can get step edge strips or something that would keep you from slipping.

  •  Anonymous #81698

    Thanks everyone. I’ve slipped several times on our back deck but never went down. It is really slick and will be putting something one it for sure!

    gigi thanks for the info.

    jillruth glad you weren’t hurt.

    coperhead sorry you were hurt.

    she-ne glad you didn’t break anything

    junxtaposition a rug sounds like a good idea. thanks.

  •  Anonymous #81697

    i think lowes has a textured stain/paint just for porches….call and ask them before you make the trip

  •  Anonymous #81696

    There was a little bit of ice on our front porch this spring and I ran out with something for one of my kids as they were going off to school and I slid then bounced on my butt down all of the 8 steps, it took about three bounces. Dang, I was sore. Before I had stripped our porch it was always slick even without ice. I’d go out and sand it or find a textured product to put on it. It can really cause serious falls. Looks great though!

  •  Anonymous #81695

    We built a house on a hill. The front steps were pressure treated. One morning I ran out the door with a garbage bag in each hand – I hit frost on the first step – garbage man was out there…. good thing too. He had to carry me in the house. I went down every one of those steps and landed on my leg – I heard something snap. OUCH….. It was a ruptured Achilles tendon. I was in pain for months.

  •  Anonymous #81694

    Love the deck. Be very careful until it wears down. I fell on slick deck boards last year…not fun!

  •  Anonymous #81693

    i ………ha….it may just ‘wear’ down and you will be ok…walk walk walk on it. maybe put a rug down???

    it looks really nice though !

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