Curtain, the garment of the house

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    Deciding to decorate your home yourself gives you the opportunity to deal with something very creative, adding your own personal touch.One of the areas requiring special care is the living room, which is the point of concentration of the family and your friends who visit you and certainly its aesthetics beyond striking, should create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
    The above thinking does not mean you have to spend a fortune to make the necessary changes, since the secret of interior decoration is the fact that every surface and space can be totally transformed even with just one accessory.

    In the case of the living room, this can be achieved by selecting the appropriate curtain, although you often do not pay special attention to quality or designs.

    On the other hand, you can play with the fabric, color and print of a curtain or even dress up a whole wall, especially in minimal houses.

    Curtain with red stripes
    Although it is said that stripes are difficult to fit in an area, a striped and even reddish curtain is an ideal choice to give vividness, luminosity and intensity to a place combining classic and modern.

    Curtain in earth colors
    Translucent beige curtains fit into every apartment that has been built with bold elements of nature such as wood and preserves a decoration in neutral tones. An earth color curtain can be ideally combined with a copper pendant over the main table in the living room area and can give the prestige that is missing from the place.

    Rustic curtain
    The fabric of the curtain in the living room may be the one that will determine the style of the whole space. Ideal option for a house which is located in a mountainous area, may be a great idea for choosing decanter with plaid or flowers in colors like burgundy, cypress, blue or ocher.

    Orange is the warmest color
    If you love the orange color, then you have to put it in the decor of your house and even give it a leading role on large surfaces. This color, although it is perfectly matched with the earthly and wood space, can also be combined in modern areas and contrasting with shades of blue, black and white.

    Cream-color Curtain
    If your sofa is white and the rest of the room is full of color, keep its brightness and playful character with curtains not in white but in cream color. It is much more “warm” and inviting compared to “strict” white.

    The power of the gray
    And this color has been misunderstood as it is thought to have negative energy and is somewhat depressing, however in industrial houses and monochromatic spaces is an interesting choice as long as you observe the depth of color. A grey curtain can give your industrial living room the depth it needs.

    Vivid red
    Perhaps it is the most difficult and bold color in decoration, but it still remains full of passion and intensity, and according to the theory of colors, in the lounges it adds warmth and makes the atmosphere more welcoming.

    Although rarely chosen for the living room, floral is a design which, in its gentle version, can fit into the room and show very nicely in it.

    Embroidered curtains
    They give the feeling of vintage while being fashionable in a distinct way, embroidering on them to steal the show, whether they are full length or not. They fit perfectly into places with vintage furniture.

    The color of mustard
    Many are the people who consider this color as “cold” but this color is a safe choice for the living room if you want to create a decorative area. You can combine it with dark green or olive oil, gold and white.

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