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    In my new CL there were 4th of July pieces. One was a little dresser in I guess it would be maybe early american painted like a 13 colony flag with gold trim and hardware. It was SO cute…And I think easy to simulate…

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    Callef, I so agree about the mystery of why people will pay such crazy prices for new “Box Store” furniture, most of which is mass produced overseas and yet they want to haggle over cool vintage and antique pieces that are priced (sometimes) hundreds of dollars less. At times, the right key would be to raise the prices so people appreciate the “perceived” value rather than thinking of the mentality that they’re getting a “second hand” bargain! I have tried to keep my pieces I sell at a fair price and am usually willing to “deal” but sometimes I just want to pull my hair out at the craziness of the antiquing business! lol

    By the way, sounds like a real win on your newest chair sale! And Hope and Joy, I wish I had been in your area because I love those old 50’s enamel and crome kitchen tables. What a bargain and the fact that it’s red and white would make it even more appealing (to me!).

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    Yesterday I took a chair I had gotten free (Curbside on trash day!) to my booth and it sold the first 30 minutes I was there! I painted it black and recovered the seat cushion in a really cute black & white print. I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture. I always forget to do that at home before taking my things to the mall. I priced the chair at $30 because it wasn’t even all wood – the back and front legs were actually plastic. After painting it, you couldn’t really tell though.

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    Hope and Joy, just put it back out and raise the price then mark it half off… ‘o/

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    I had the cutest red and white enamel topped table in my booth for months and months. It had nice curvy chrome legs, a white wooden base with a drawer, a white enameled metal top with red edges and red curlique motifs..realllly nice shape and I could not sell it for even $45! I finally took it home and I’m using it as a desk table…$45!! I have a nice queen anne style oak one there now for $85..I swear I am never buying another table to sell…and then I see THOSE prices O_o

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    I about fell over when I seen the price too…I figured it wouldn’t be to hard to make one.

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    I love Country Living, and the other home design mags, but I too am SHOCKED at the prices of new furniture. You’d think that would encourage more people to shop for secondhand and vintage pieces. Why do they hesitate or quibble over the price of a $50 table when a new one, not nearly as well made or “charming”, would cost so much more even at Walmart or Target???

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    Cute but $1450?! Laws..I am so cheap! I just mean I could do that for soooo much less!

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    Don’t know how. Sorry…

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    Don’t know how. Sorry…

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    post a link

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