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    Guess whose husband just ordered plane tickets for the October Country Living Fair in Atlanta?!! I’m so excited! And my sister number 3 will be able to come up too! Husband asked if he should upgrade to first class for $125 each, I said “No! that gives me more money to spend!

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    betsy, just for reference,country living fair is NOT for those buying for’s just not that type of show…it is not a flea market or even an antique show, it is an event to attend….if people are coming looking for things to resell, they will be sadly out of luck ! as for vendors not coming back..i totally get that…some did very poorly…and some were actually not a good fit and i assume wont be asked back anyway….it will get better and better i’m sure !~

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    Jeanne, I talked to several vendors from Texas who did the show and there was definitely a mixed review of its success. Several aren’t sure if they’ll do the show again. From personal shoppers point of view, I heard it was great, but from vendors shopping for resale, I heard it wasn’t a great market. I hope they do return and work out the kinks.

    Ann, I just commented on your Springfield trip, wish I could have attended that also.

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    great pictures….looks like a wonderful show…

    we were at ohio today buying for the store..and got a lot….

    …..i shopped in the regular part for resale……the vintage market part had beautiful booths, hope they did well..

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    betsy, sorry to have missed you also, (and MY sister’s name is betsy..haha)…as i understand it, this IS going to be an annual affair…so…there’s always next year..i’m still on the fence whether i would go would really like to (and probably will) but it really was an exhausting venture. i have a show this weekend in philadelphia, and i am still exhausted !!!

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    Jeanne, I enjoyed all your posts on the Austin Country Living Show and was so sad I didn’t get to make it and meet you. My sis was there on Thursday helping a vendor in the picker’s barn set up. Lots of my antiquing friends attended the show and I’ve seen lots of photos but it’s awesome to see pictures from a vendors perspective. I hope the Stella people take your suggestions (in the blog) about set up/lighting issues, etc to heart because we Texans hope it becomes an annual event.


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    haha…me neither….so no sweat ! one of the highlights of these shows is getting to meet people who i only know online…!!

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    I should put it on my calendar now. Perhaps we could say hi to each other! But then you would find out I am not a beautiful, thin and young-looking woman that you thought I was, ha ha.

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    mcnaughton……ohio is the BEST…you really are crazy to not go when you are so close…it is like NOTHING you have ever seen !! REALLY !!

    second post up from austin

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    Great,tantalizing photos. Feeling guilty again for not getting to the Ohio show which is about 7 miles from me. Sigh.

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    I enjoyed it to…It would be something to go to something like that…

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    Jeanne,I really enjoyed looking at your pics of CL fair!

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