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    I have been hanging on to this really, really cool old rusty iron gear… it is fairly heavy, but not *too* heavy to hang on a wall. I would really like to make a clock out of it, but I haven’t made a clock out of something quite like this before, so I was hoping for some kind of advice from the community here? How can you find clock movements that are "deep" enough to fit in an item as thick as this? Can you make your own hands, etc. etc. I was thinking of using skeleton keys as hands… that or cutting out aluminum/tin into specific shapes and spraying them with this "hammered iron" spray I have to make it all matchy matchy… what do you all think? Here’s an image of the gear…

    [attachment id=27211,4064]

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  •  Anonymous #83444

    if all else fails….try plexiglass or some form of glass.

    have it cut to the gears shape, place hands-numbers, etc. on it and run cords thru center hole of gear, attach heavy duty mounting bracket directly onto the gear back to adhere to wall, shelf, whatever.

    this way you can achieve the exact look of the hands, numbers that you desire and still can see all the beauty of the gear!!

  •  Anonymous #83443

    Try They probably have everything you need.

  •  Anonymous #83429

    I would check ebay for the clock works. You will need to figure out how long you need the stem to hold the hands but I have found some in the past that have an extra long stem. Love the idea of a clock made out of that piece. Welcome to the community. You will find lots of friendly folks here who have very creative minds!

  •  Anonymous #83414

    Thank you Diane! Yeah I was thinking of using skeleton keys but they’d have to be either repro or hollow… Oooooor I could cut out hands out of tin in the shape of skeleton keys maybe? I dunno. If I did that, I could paint them black… hmmmmm

  •  Anonymous #83413

    Sounds like a neat idea! Don’t know where you would find the deep clock parts and making your own hands would make it unique, the only problem I can see is if they are too heavy they might not keep the correct time. Oh by the way, welcome!

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