cinn christmas orn.

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    I need honest opinion here. Would you buy cinn gingerbread homemade xmas orny’s???

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    There,s lots of recipes out there, but I think the secret to making a good smooth dough that is easy to work with is to knead it for a few minutes. HTH

  •  Anonymous #82391

    this is a bump for the holidays as well as new recipe/comment

    i’ve been browsing primitives blogs/sites and wandered onto a lovely little blog called “and baby makes five”

    her love, use and tutorials on making bowl fillers has made me crazy for them as well….i just finished snowmen and am ready to try more!

    easy, peasy recipe for salt dough, throw in an oven of 300 for 45-60 min, cool, paint, dip and you’re done!!

    2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup warm water….mix well, roll out and let your imagination run wild!!

    as for the blog, i’ve been reading past posts and have been inspired by her spirit…and honesty. if you get a free minute, drop by it and be sure to look for the stories marked by the pink ribbon….you will see what i mean.

  •  Anonymous #81683

    I sold them in my shop at the open house and they sold quickly. I took white and red puff paint and made eyes and buttons on them. I used jute to hang them and put them in cello bags tied with strips of gingam(sp).

  •  Anonymous #81681

    When I make cinn. ornaments, I let them air dry by laying them out on cookie sheets, and gently turning them 2 or 3 times a day till dry.

    I have some my daughter and I made about 20 years ago. I hang them on the tree at Christmas, and the rest of the year I keep them in a tin. Even though they hang in the open air for a month or so at Christmas, they still smell like cinnamon every year. Maybe because of keeping them in the tin?

  •  Anonymous #81621

    With the holidays coming thought maybe some of the new people might like this…

  •  Anonymous #72250

    An easy way to air dry: Set a step ladder under a fan. Inside the ladder, put a couple slim boards or sticks across the rungs to the back. Try for level. Put trays of stuff on that newly created “shelf”. Drape an old sheet or two over the ladder – hold with clothes pins. Put a clamp lamp near the floor under the ladder it is the heat (keep it away from the sheet) Turn the fan on low and turn on the light. It works for apple heads and banana leather too.

  •  Anonymous #70528

    leveta….half my mind is gone and the other going…lol ;} so, i’m guessing cuz it’s been awhile…….i baked them??

  •  Anonymous #70519

    Thanks for all the recipes, I may have to make some of these with my grandson.


  •  Anonymous #70512

    That sounds cute gigi…Thanks…Did you bake them to or air dry…

  •  Anonymous #70501

    don’t know if this interests you any but my girls made some “beads” from the cinnamon dough. rolled and poked center holes and then designs on the outter edges, when dried they added them to the ribbon that held the ornaments they made along with some clear beads. they were too cute!!

  •  Anonymous #70493

    I used a 2″ heart cutter, and some 3″ star cutters. I probably got about 20-30 ornaments.

    but here is the article I did on my blog. a tip: don’t use cornstarch to “flour” your cutting surface….use cinnamon. it’ll stay brown, and won’t get all white-ish from the cornstarch dust. 😀 and these stay smelling great for years! there’s a picture of how many I made on one cookie sheet…I made a double batch here.

  •  Anonymous #70463

    Kudzu, thanks for the recipe. Approximately how many ornies does it make?

  •  Anonymous #70460

    Thanks you all…I’m going to save both recipes.

  •  Anonymous #70458

    i make some with cinnamon,applesauce,cornstarch and gelatin. you don’t bake them, they air dry. and the best thing is….they never mold! we live down south in the hot humid tropics, and ours are still smelling like the day we made them.

    here is a copy of when i talked about it on my blog:



    I’d found a recipe years and years ago, when my children were really young, and we made these to give as gifts and hang on our own tree. They smelled so good! I lost the recipe but found it again last year, thanks to the internet. Try this out, it’s great, and it doesn’t get soft and fall off the tree or wreath, or get all moldy. In fact, when my daughter mentioned us finding the recipe to one of her friends, she said she still had the heart ornaments we made for her about 15 years ago, and that they still smelled wonderful 🙂


    Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments

    prep time 30 minutes

    3/4 cup applesauce

    1 packet unflavored gelatin

    1 jar cinnamon (about 1.9 oz)

    1/4 cup cornstarch

    3 tablespoons ground cloves

    Combine applesauce and gelatin in small saucepan and let stand 3 minutes. Heat over medium heat just until simmering, stirring constantly.

    Combine cinnamon, cornstarch, and ground cloves in a bowl. Add applesauce mixture. Turn out onto counter and knead a few turns. Divide dough in half and wrap each half in plastic wrap. Use each half within 30 minutes. Roll each half in between sheets of plastic wrap to about 1/4″ thickness. Cut out ornaments with 2″ cookie cutters. Use a drinking straw to cut out hole for hanging. Dry overnight. Reroll scraps and continue rolling and cutting. I used cotton string for hanging them on the tree at Christmas.


    i always cut mine out in heart shapes, but you can cut gingerbread men!

  •  Anonymous #70454

    Leveta, I looked up that recipe & it is different from the one you are using, so I can’t tell you about baking them. I have done them both ways & I like the air dried ones best.

  •  Anonymous #70453

    Here’s the recipe that McCormick offers for the Cinnamon Ornaments: They bake them for 2 1/2 hours at 200 degrees.

  •  Anonymous #70443

    LOL…I smelt like it for about a day…

  •  Anonymous #70441

    now you 2 have me thinking about the recipe we used, i don’t think it was the same? i think i did bake them for the girls?? hmmm???

    i do know that we decided to wear gloves the next time we made them because we all smelled like cinnamon for weeks, guess i did heavy hand that ingredient!!! lol ;}

  •  Anonymous #70440

    Oh Thank You Maggie…

  •  Anonymous #70439

    some do bake them. I’ll check my instructions later today & tell you what it says.

  •  Anonymous #70438

    Do you think I could put them in the oven on maybe 200 degrees to cure them quicker?

  •  Anonymous #70433

    I guess they need to rolled a little thick. Mom broke one of the arms arm today just by picking it up and so did I this evening. I guess I beeter not touch till they dry all the way… LOL

  •  Anonymous #70431

    That sounds like the one I have. The girl I got the recipe from used to make them to sell. Seems like the trick to making a good dough is to knead it quite a bit. I hope they sell good for you!

  •  Anonymous #70430

    I have them sitting out. For sure I’ll make sure they are dried good…Thank You for the heads up…Yes it’s 1/2 cup cinn, 1/3 cup applesauce and a TBS of glue. Mix it together and if it’s to wet use more cinn, if to dry use more applesauce. Might could use a bit more glue maybe. But roll out sprinkleing surface with the cinn. Cut into shapes and let dry…

  •  Anonymous #70427

    Leveta, if you are going to wrap them you need to make sure they are completely dry or they will mold. I’ve made them before & like Gigi said, the scent does last a long time.Do you have a recipe for them?

  •  Anonymous #70420

    I never made them before, and thought it would be something the other places wouldn’t have cause they are more commerical. Thanks for the reassurence…

  •  Anonymous #70415

    I would definately buy a couple, homemade ornaments are the best. And the cinnamon smell is very enticing.


  •  Anonymous #70408

    you know, i helped the girls make some for aunts about 6 or so yrs back and 1 still has hers hung on a cabinet pull and it still has the aroma!!! (i probably was heavy handed with the cinnamon and all….tee-hee) so, maybe you could get away without wrapping if another decorating idea comes to mind?!

  •  Anonymous #70407

    I made some this morning. I was thinking of wrapping each one so the smell stays in. What ideal do you have on decorating? I’m going to put them on red satin ribbons… I was thinking maybe 2.00-2.50 a piece. What do you think??

  •  Anonymous #70403

    I love em! But…I know how to make them, so I don’t know if I would buy. BUT, some people will anything if they DONT have to make it!!! What were you thinking for pricing?? Put them on some real cute ribbon – jazz em up and make them something that no one will be able to turn down!!

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