church pew turned headboard

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    oh she-ne….it’s full of character!!

    that grain on the back would come out beautifully under a stain, don’t know as if i’d paint or not!!

    maybe check the structure to see if sound and if wobbly, add some lumber under where unseen.

    can’t wait to see it finished!!

  •  Anonymous #81115

    I have never uploaded a picture on here, but I am going to try and post a picture of the old bench. I was wrong in identifying it as a pew, it is a deacon’s bench.I still plan on re-purposing as a twin headboard.

  •  Anonymous #81114

    i’m the same way when it comes to painting old things, i kind of like them in their original state but a hutch re-do by chiccottagejunk really made me do some changes of heart.

    search tab to left and bring up the blog entry, find hers and check out that hutch…it is amazing!!

    i miss chiccottage, too….she’s so full of info and heart….wish she’s drop in a bit!! 🙁

  •  Anonymous #81109

    Gigi,the old pew is on the porch of one of our guest houses. It has taken some weather. No paint is left, just a hint that it once was finished. It is extrememly old and the wood on one arm is worn. The room I want to use it in is decorated primitive. However, I am trying to add a few re-purposed pieces (painted,sanded and shabbied) to this guest house. So, I am leaning towards painting. Later today, I will post a picture. I have a hard time painting antiques until they are beyond repair. I suppose this is why I am so undecided about this piece.

  •  Anonymous #81089

    primitive as in…a light coat of poly would bring out the grains, etc. or primitive as in….wood is beyond help??

    i think if it were the first….i’d go the poly and save the original look….the 2nd…..definitely paint!!!

  •  Anonymous #81088

    I just discovered this forum. I have an old, old church pew that isn’t safe to sit on. It has a high back. I have tried to decide what could be done with it. I now plan to put it in our guest house as a twin bed headboard. It isn’t very wide. I now have to decide if I should paint it, as the wood is looking really primitive.

  •  Anonymous #76971

    Now that’s a cool thing. Thanks for sharing.


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    They don’t make church pews like they used to. My grandma’s church in South Dakota had old dark wood pews. In the summer it got real hot in there. Anyway if it got too hot my butt and back would fall asleep and stick to the pew. The fan was out classed I guess.

    I saw some pews in an old church in Florida made with slats (with names carved in them) – Early air conditioning?

  •  Anonymous #76955

    Well, one died in the house fire and the other is in the garage waiting to go on my front porch. The one that burnt I used on one side of an old farm table I had in my dining room. Diane

  •  Anonymous #76954

    diane, what did you do with your pew?

  •  Anonymous #76953

    I love the built in night stands!

  •  Anonymous #76952

    I have and old church pew from the church I went to as a kid. My husband HATES it. He would die if I made it into a bed! Very creative! And Copperhead, ah memories! 😀 Diane

  •  Anonymous #76950

    I’m laughing my butt off. Too bad my uncle didn’t see that 45 years ago. My uncle used to find all kinds of stuff and bring it home. Once he got a big old church pew for 50 cents. My Aunt about had a COW about that one. The thing was really long. He put it in the kid’s room. Then since one was a boy and the rest girls, he built it into a wall. So my cousins had the pew going from one room into another… When he went to sell the house he took it out. Then it re-appeared at a family reunion one time. He put it on a wagon pulled by his truck and gave everybody a ride to the cemetery. That pew was a family joke for years. I wonder who inherited it when he died… I really do like the bed.

  •  Anonymous #76947

    That is neat Jeanne. I have one bedroom for my daughter that only has a single bed so maybe I have a place for this… issue. Also..don’t have the pew. Yet.

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