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    So, I’ve been so out of the loop lately with my Father-in-Law’s illness and passing. I haven’t done a lot of decorating at home because what energy I did have was spent on items for my booth. I’m up early and full of energy before I start my day so I thought I’d share some junk from my booth if y’all don’t mind….

    The first is some large stars that I made out of antique lathe strips that I found at a flea market. They were four feet long so it they were good sized stars. I attached a wreath to the center of one and left the other two plain. The plain ones sold right away and one of the gals that bought one wants to buy wholesale from me to put in her "Witchcraft" store. Hmmm, I don’t mean to sound shallow, but I just couldn’t do that being the born and raised guilt ridden Irish Catholic girl that I am. Smile!

    The next is a JOY sign I made with pre-made letters glued to two pieces of old beadboard glued together and then wrapped on either end with jute to make sure the glue holds. If it doesn’t sell, I have just the place in my kitchen for it.

    Another junk piece – I took a cheap silverplated tiny candelabra, painted it white and then shabbied up the edges with sandpaper. I added two chunky glass prisms and three vintage glass ornaments to totally transform this pieces. I’ve sold one already and hoping that this one goes too.

    I’ll add some more in another post if you don’t mind….

    [attachment id=14716,2389] [attachment id=14716,2390] [attachment id=14716,2391]

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    It’s good to go back and revisit…

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    I love all your pics you are sooo talented!! Especially love the cloche!!

  •  Anonymous #77984

    Like the Peace on earth. Could do the same thing with “Joy” (to the World)

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    Beautiful ideas! I’m another one whose favorite is the “Peace on Earth” one. What a beautiful idea – anytime of the year. (Sigh)

  •  Anonymous #72123

    VERY nice ideas and creative too! I really like the globe & the candelabra that little tree on top!

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    The milk glass vases remind me of angels! Love the peace on earth!

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    It’s all very pretty, i love seeing your ideas and displays.


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    I went back and reread, DUH!!! I guess I have nut brain…Still picking them out. We are almost done and havn’t gotten amy christmas shopping done yet. Well I did get a thing or two for the babies.

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    Yes, Levita, to the wood disk that I glued to the silver candle holder.

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    What did you glue the sheet music to? The wood disk.

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    Ok, Levita – here’s some more! Sorry some of the pics are squatty and a little bit distorted but I think they are pictures that I already cropped in my folder.

    This is another favorite. I took a brass candelabra with three holes and glued a small tree with a burlap bottom to the center hole. I just placed two gold colored vintage ornaments in the other holes and added two glass prisms. The tree has a tiny string of rice lights and there are bits of gold colored trim on the tree. Wala – an elegant Shabby Brass Treelabra!

    The next photo is my "Silver Winter Cottage". I glued a wood disk with glass dome (cloche to me!) to a silver-plated candle holder. To the wood disk, I glued vintage sheet music from a hymnal, a very pretty resin cottage and some bottle brush trees. Added some snow to make it wintery and there you have it. It’s pretty hard to see it – bad lighting at the store.

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    Definitely more! I am in love with your shabbied candelabra with prisms and ornaments….gorgeous! Peace ON earth…definitely cool. And I loved your comment regarding if an item DIDN’T sell. I am my worst enemy. I price things high on purpose when I find “just the right place for it” in my own home. I wonder how many sales I have missed by my overpricing tactics. ; }

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    clever, clever girl…i love the peace on earth, too!!

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    Great ideas! I especially like Peace on Earth. Clever!

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    Ok, some more – please SCREAM at me if you want me to stop!

    Peace on Earth – easy peasy. Vintage globe, Peace sign was silver glitter, but I sprayed it rusty to tie in with the color of the globe more.

    Vintage dicer that you would have attached to the wall, put your apple or potato in it, pull down the handle and you would have had wonderful french fry shaped veggies or fruit. Added greenery and bow.

    Milkglass Grouping – Five vintage milkglass vases, silver-plated tray, vintage glass ornaments, lots of snow!

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    cute! glad to hear from you again!

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    I like all of them!! I wish I could get motivated to do something!

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