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    I found this on the side of the road and decided to rescue it not fully knowing what potential it had. Once I had cleaned it out and looked it over real good, I discovered it is a child’s wardrobe. Any ideas what look I should go with? I want to make it masculine for my son to use in his home. He has no children yet, but could use it in a boys room some day perhaps.

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    I am finally painting my new “bar”. It’s looking nice. Does anyone have recommendations on what finish to use after it is painted? Maybe I used a matt finsh paint but I need a top coat to protect it, I think.

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    Thanks yaya.ames. But, you know, the disappointments make the finds (when they finally happen) so much sweeter. Or so I keep trying to tell myself……..;-)

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    Peony, so sorry to hear the bad experience. I hope you find another one.

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    I love the idea of a “bar” will keep that in mind. I have slowly but surely gotten all the paint off. It is so hot here, that I have to pick and choose the days that I can work in the heat. Will post the finished project!

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    now I want one too! ­čÖé

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    That would make a fab “bar” beverage cart. I’d probably paint it black and add nickle pulls. I’d paint the door recess w/ chalkboard paint for menus or messages and either do a complimentary trim color or metallic silver/pewter around it on the inner area between the door frame and the chalkboard area. Add an old silverplate tray on top for bottles and glasses…maybe add a shelf or 2 in the cupboard area for glasses too or if it’s deep enough a rack for wine bottles . Drawers for candles/napkins/silverware/paperplates ( said for a guy) or just general storage.

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    I have been looking for one of those for years. I finally found one at a garage sale, paid for it, and told the woman I would have to come back later to pick it up. Went back a couple hours later with a truck and she had sold it out from under me. She seemed to think all was fine since she was going to give me my money back. I can’t even tell you how mad I was. (And I’m a pretty laid back person.)

    I have to assume someone had offered her more money after I left. I had been looking for one for YEARS. That was years ago and I haven’t found another one yet.

    Happy for you, though!

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    it would make an adorable bar area!! ;}

    any particular use in mind…that would determine a route to take it?

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    Before you use it in any child’s room check and make absolute positive sure it does so NOT have lead paint. We have a friend with a 4 year old with lead paint poisoning – she is NOT a pretty site – very very very sad.

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    Great find. Paint color and knob change could make it look either feminine or masculine.

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