cant wait for spring….

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  • AnnOfGreenoakAnnOfGreenoak #45309

    im getting spring fever!! there are so many fun junky garden ideas in my head…. partly from pinterest….. like a giant junk sign….a 2 or 3 level planter out of different containers…. and i would like to learn or get someone to build me some cement with found objects in it…..

    a;;soim bu;ying all the fun buckets and big pots and big farm stuff i can for the garden the store…. thinking junk selling will be great this yr….


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  •  Anonymous #86388

    New to this site….but I love junk.looking forward to seeing some of your awesome ideas.

  •  Anonymous #86387

    New to this site….but I love junk.looking forward to seeing some of your awesome ideas.

  •  Anonymous #85171

    I’m going to look for that mag. I am so ready for spring!

  •  Anonymous #85155

    i hear you betsy…and ditto…

    we are almost at 4 degrees…. but getting garden catalogs!!!

  •  Anonymous #85152

    I bought the new issue of that magazine, copper and love it. I’ve saved the other two issues and refer back often.

    I’ve been gearing up by booths and buying to keep with a rustic junk garden theme. I especially snatch up rusty/ crusty birdcages when I can find them at an affordable price. Ann, I think Pinterest has really heightened the interest in mixing junk/antiques with gardens. It’s my most popular board on Pinterest.

  •  Anonymous #85151

    Flea Market Garden magazine came out this week. Way cool. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am ready for spring – just not like last year.

  •  Anonymous #83092

    Here in NW Arkansas we really haven’t seen much of old man winter except for a few days. Everything is yucky and brown outside so I am craving some Spring color. Have started to get my things ready to stock up the booths with Spring and Easter items next week. Hoping the shoppers will be as ready for Spring as I am.

  •  Anonymous #83091

    that green sounds great….and we are all ready for some color here, its so drab out……

  •  Anonymous #83088

    Me too, Ann! I am working this week and won’t be able to make it back out to my booths again til next week. I’m hoping over the weekend to have time to get some spring things ready to take. It’s time to add some green!!! On Saturday at the flea market, I bought a darling vintage wood coffee table and 2 folding chairs. They are painted a yummy shade of chalky light green – got me in the spring mood.

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