Can I refinish a laminate/formica top dresser?

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  • Mona Kay at Home #44688

    Hi Ladies…please help!! I fell in love with a gorgeous dresser on Craigslist, but found out that it has a laminate/formica top. Can I paint it?? Anyone know? What about if I sand it & prime it really well??

    Your experience & help would be greatly appreciated!


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  •  britbutler #87893

    I don’t think so, maybe that is hard unless you replace it with formica or laminated vinyl plaster. If that is just like an ordinary wood type, you can probably repair it, after all there are DIY home repair and improvement solutions you can use, just like the eifs fasteners or stucco products from, are all best to use for all types of repair.

  •  Anonymous #83932

    Let us know about your experience with this, Life Style (or anyone else).

  •  Anonymous #83931

    Hello I am trying to figure out if I can decoupage a formica or laminate dining table with family photos? Is the process the same no matter what you are decoupaging with? Would I need to sand the top first and paint or could I just glue right to the table, and do I just use decoupage glue or something I read earlier a 2 part epoxy resin? Any help would be great thank you KH

  •  Anonymous #77097

    I have an ugly blond laminate sewing table crying for a rehab.

    Does that laminate paint resist scratching off? I’m not worried much about water.

    Can you decoupage over laminate? What sort of glue will stick?

    I have a whole stack of toy money would look cool on something.

  •  Anonymous #77077

    Thank you all sooo much!! I was not able to get the dresser, but I have a gorgeous tall lingerie chest that has a laminate top. I’m so glad to know I can still do something with it!!

    Thanks for your help!


  •  Anonymous #77069

    My sister purchased paint from Home Depot made for laminate surfaces and painted her bathroom counter top and it held up really well, water and all!


  •  Anonymous #77019

    I have a cool retro end table (50’s or 60’s, I’m guessing) with a laminate top that I’ve been wanting to redo. I’m planning to decoupage the top. Should not be a problem, because you can decoupage onto slick surfaces. I’ll finish it with a pour-on epoxy.

    I agree with the others – you should have no problem painting if you sand first and use a good primer. I like Zinsser 1-2-3 primer.

  •  Anonymous #76945

    Life Style you are right it does look fabulous. You might have the right idea. Is it very expensive? Years ago my mom would have just put contact paper on it… It was the answer to everything. She found some that looked like marble one time. Put it on a piece of plywood and screwed it to some sewing machine legs. Proudly used it in the entry way… My husband just found some the other day under some wall paper in a house. Under the contact paper was some badly damaged walls. My daughter’s house came with floor vinyl on the kitchen walls – it was covering unpatched holes and crumbling plaster. It didn’t even keep the mice out. No accounting for taste or bad craftsmanship.

  •  Anonymous #76943

    WELCOME Life Style…

  •  Anonymous #76942

    I haven’t managed to get the right size photo.



  •  Anonymous #76941

    Or……you could leave the laminate on and laminate over it or remove it. You would do it the same way they laminate a thin layer of wood over furniture and cupboards. Your choses of wood are endless. I laminated hickory over oak in a kitchen and then put new doors on. Looks fabulous.


  •  Anonymous #76929

    I seem to come across a lot of that laminate furniture around here on trash day (when they aren’t rationing it) Just never knew how to get it painted.

  •  Anonymous #76927

    Mona Kay: I found these replies this morning. I, too, have been wondering how in the world to cover slick, shiny surfaces. I am glad you wondered!!!

    Request: Painting Laminate Furniture

    How do I get paint to stick to the shiny laminate finish (only on the top) of my dresser? The rest is wood and I know I can refinish it, but what about the top? Help!


    RE: Painting Laminate Furniture

    I agree with the Kilz option, it is by far one of the best primers on the market. Gives you a surface for your paint to adhere to. Kilz has come through when other primers haven’t. I had a rental property that I used it to “seal” in the odor from animal pee, by painting the floor with it before having carpet installed. It was advice from my carpet installer, and it worked! They also now have a line of paint of their own. Not just primers. (11/02/2008)

    RE: Painting Laminate Furniture

    Fine sand paper is what I’ve used in the past, then Kilz, then the paint. Good luck! (11/04/2008)

    RE: Painting Laminate Furniture

    My son wanted to paint an ugly laminate chest for his room. They now make spray paint that coats anything from slick plastic to laminate. The 3-drawer dresser took only 2 cans and it’s beautiful! We bought the paint at Walmart. (11/06/2008)

    RE: Painting Laminate Furniture

    Yep, sandpaper and Kilz (in that order). Just remember to wipe the area clean before putting on the primer and paint. (11/17/2008)

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