Best way to sell Scrabble tiles?

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  • mcnaughton #56704

    Is it worth it to sell Scrabble tiles by the tile so people can get the letters they want? I’ll have a heavy traffic space at a local event so “security” could be an issue, too. Thinking too much??

    Generally I see full sets for about $10 on Ebay.

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  •  Anonymous #86135

    Oh, Lovecrafting, I’ve forgotten about the individual word packages. I have seen that and liked the idea. Patina, I’ll send you a private e-mail.

  •  Anonymous #86126

    Sorry- just wanted to add that I have seen them sold in little packages. Common words like Dream-Imagine so forth. Not sure how well they sell that way but it is a cute idea.

  •  Anonymous #86125

    I put full sets in jars and sell them by the set. Tried selling by the letter but noticed that quite a few were coming up missing without being paid for.

  •  Anonymous #86119

    I would be interested in purchasing.

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