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    lets see what everyone comes up with for bed spring crafts i have lots of ideas looking to see what my new friends ‘invision’

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    WELCOME Blackantsnpeonys!!!

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    I had some of the snakey kind and DH tossed them – I thought they would be great for climbing some vines in the garden – he didn’t feel the same.

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    Welcome blackantsnpeonys!!! I haven’t done anything major with bedsprings yet, but I’m sure you can get some answers from the members on here.

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    This is my first visit here and I feel at home.I have two mattresses burned up with rusty springs. What to do. Thought it would make very cool trellace for a clematis or hyacinth bean to grow on. Has anyone else done this?

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    Leveta, you got that right! More talent here than any other place I know!

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    Hey Welcome NCK…If it can be done someone here can do it…lol

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    I have an old spring matress and just tore apart 2 matresses, I have lots of coils and springs. Am so excited to have found this web site. You all have some great ideas. I was trying to figure out how to incorporate them into a grape arbor, if possible. Right now my grapes have posts and wire. Any Ideas?

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    Ok, so I must really love this post cause I’ve bumped it FOUR!!!! times!!!! LOL

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    prior love that idea very diffrent. first time to visit your blog..cant imagine

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    Bump. Some really cool pictures.

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    Thanks gigi, I almost put it upright on this one and have another arched window I might try it on…that one the sun would hit all the bling really well, but I don’t want to overdo, it is kind of whimsical all on its on. We have sold some with shot glasses in them holding candles with one blingy thing hanging down. and made spring drop lights, kind of cool and wreaths, crosses, Cristmas trees…other junk, too.


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    very cute and imaginative prior!!

    wonder how one would look in a small window…adhered upright (just as if using for bed) and filling the holes with votive holders (maybe insulators) and blingage hanging down of course!??

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    I just posted something with bed springs on my blog…would love for y’all to pop over…just click my name.

    Thanks, Lezlee

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    I enjoyed re-reading this one. Where is everybody??? I wonder if the little angel could be made to go over a light. Maybe even a whole row of lights? I was also thinking about a garden fairy made similar.

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    Bump it up!

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    luann they are soooo fun to work with i am workin on some as we speak……………

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    Just looked this post up again. Sent JH to an ES today and he was able to pick up a twin size vintage box spring–would you believe for only $5.00!!!. Well now I have 60 springs to work on. Definitely going to try my hand at some of these projects. Glad he doesn’t mind doing my shopping while I’m working and then taking things apart when needed. Couldn’t ask for anyone better!!


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    Just looked this post up again. Sent JH to an ES today and he was able to pick up a twin size vintage box spring–would you believe for only $5.00!!!. Well now I have 60 springs to work on. Definitely going to try my hand at some of these projects. Glad he doesn’t mind doing my shopping while I’m working and then taking things apart when needed. Couldn’t ask for anyone better!!


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    Heidi, I think you will find your answer here.

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    ok i cant figure out how to start a new topic so i am starting here.someone was helping me set up my blog and i forget who it was… still need lots of help.’thats putting it mildely’………….lol.

    i want to try to start selling some of my stuff off my blog but have to get it up and running first. will that person that was helping me please reappear.thanks so much .heidi

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    thats what i do when i find a mattress .burn the stuff off its alot easier

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    Gasp! I just took a walk and happened to “peek” into the burn pit up the hill from our new house, they burned it back in October (I had peeked then but nothing worth digging through) Now with all of the ‘rubbish’ burnt I spy, 2 yes 2 mattresses, just springs no fiber! One has 60 springs on it, the other is a smaller….toddler bed maybe? so the springs aren’t as heavy as the usual beds…

    I can’t wait for hubby to get home so I can go pull those out! There was also a pitch fork head with 4 tines, I’m debating on that….

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    And only 11.95

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    Geeme, I just had to Google it. It sure does look like bed springs. You are sssssooooo clever! What a great idea.

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    Has anyone seen the NEW french fry holders that World Market has on sale??? bed springs on a base!!! They are selling for six bucks… all they are is a bed sping welded to a metal base, but why can’t they be stapled to a wood base?? they sell newspaper to put into them before you put the fries in……

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    I read this post all the way through…besides the cool sping ideas, it is Hilarius!


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    bump bump

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    Thanks for bumping this up Diane! I enjoyed reading it again!

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    bumpity bump bump

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    I have a tube from WM but haven’t used it yet. I need to “weld” a chip rack back together at the bottom. Glad to know it should work for my project. Jan

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    JB Weld is a brand name of epoxy. I don’t know why I used that brand — I think it was recommended by someone quite a while ago. There wasn’t much metal to metal contact on my angels where the washer touched the spring for the head and where the candle pan touched the spring for the wings, but it really worked well. I will undoubtedly use it for other projects in the future.

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    Marge, what is JB weld? Thanks for educating a clueless junker.

  •  Anonymous #69163

    Ok, one more question. How do you cut the edges to look so uniform?

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    i’m here, Leveta ๐Ÿ˜€ I have some partial instructions on my blog, plus a link to a tutorial. But last week I made new sunflowers and will be blogging about those real soon. All you need to know is to make a simple running stitch…and my 6-year-old-since-Friday-grandson can do it, so you can,too! I’d say use any cotton fabric, depending on the look you want. Usually muslin. I’m using muslin I dyed yellow that was a huge disaster, but found these sunflowers to use it up! I used unbleached muslin for the light colored ones.

    Oh wow!!! I absolutely LOVEloveLOVE the birds nest one!! So funny, a couple hours ago I stopped at a dollar store, and looked through the summer garden clearance stuff, and they had these cute fake nests on a chain, with really ugly plastic flowers, but it did have 2 great feathered birds and 3 realistic speckled eggs…so I bought ONE to tear it apart….wish I’d read this this morning!! Hope when I go back they still have a few left. Naturally I’m gonna make that!!

    check out the sunflower how-to’s at my blog!


  •  Anonymous #69130

    thanks, maggie…that one is pretty cute too, seems like a bit more work (especially for the sewing but adds a whole new perspective/dimension on the sunflower!!

    Has anyone had problems keeping your spring upright once an object is placed on/in it? Are there any “prior steps” in balancing out your spring?

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    most sites i’ve read say muslin as the fabric to use on making the sunflowers-etc…..has anyone tried anything else that has worked as well?? or is muslin the way to go for looks, strength, taking in staining colors, etc????

  •  Anonymous #68742

    Leveta, found this online, instructions to make the sunflower or a similar one.


  •  Anonymous #68736

    Thanks Sue, the head is a rock. I was just goofing around when I made it, but several of my friends threaten to beat me if I leave laying around the yard,still working on an idea using fishing line and a remote controlled vehicle…………………..he he he

  •  Anonymous #68726

    Diana – Rowdy – how cute and simple. What did you use for the snake’s head?


  •  Anonymous #68724

    I really love the sunflower, but to dumb to figure some things out. Kudzu if your out there can you give me a step by step…Or anyone who’s got it figured out.

  •  Anonymous #68720

    LInda – I saw that too and already done a mock up of my own quite similar before seeing that one! Junkin’ minds think alike, eh?


  •  Anonymous #68717

    That is adorable…Keep the ideals coming…

  •  Anonymous #68715

    Love the sunflower/bedspring. I saw this idea on etsy thought it was adorable.


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  •  Anonymous #68657

    I’m thinking 1 van type vehicle would be enough. I too am frugal and right now I’m buying small items and things for myself. Sounds like it would be a blast. We can discuss particulars soon–maybe the 3 of us could finally meet somewhere half way inbetween some time early next summer. My daughter is getting married in May so will be busy in the spring til then. Midge–you


  •  Anonymous #68653

    Sorry, LuAnn – I can’t keep up here sometimes. I think that would be awesome for all of us to go to the Bonanza next year. I was just thinking … would ONE vehicle be enough for the junk we acquire? I guess for me – I’m cheap and have a small budget so MAYBE one vehicle would be enough for all three of us! LOL!


  •  Anonymous #68647

    I love all your different lights, I’ve made several, but mine are fairly simple looking. Here’s another idea, it’s alittle out of the ordinary tho.

  •  Anonymous #68578

    Kudzu – I think I saw that on your blog a bit back and REALLY love those darling flowers. Great job!


  •  Anonymous #68559

    Great sunflower! I think they would be good sellers, too. Might have to try some of those!

  •  Anonymous #68553

    am loving the sunflower spring!!!!

  •  Anonymous #68552

    Sunflowers are my absolute favorite – I love it!!

  •  Anonymous #68550

    Midge: I’d love to go next year–let’s talk about it in the coming months. And YES I love football–If you could make it to Eastern I’d be there with bells on-if not I’ll let JH go and have a good time with the guys. My daughter has been out of high school for 8 years and we still make it to games.


  •  Anonymous #68549

    This is my favorite of the bed spring project ideas so far. I would buy this if I were out finding treasures!

    Very cute!

  •  Anonymous #68546

    I followed a tutorial on a nice blog, and made these. I’ve since added a torn strip of green print fabric for leaves. I also made some with quilt centers, made of muslin, and some on bamboo skewers for stems to put in a vase.

  •  Anonymous #68539


    The only Junk Bonanza is the one in Minnesota that Ki holds each September. But I REALLY want to go so I’m trying to make it happen. I don’t do many things to indulge myself, I’m pretty low maintenance. So this is something that I can do for me finally. But I think it would be easier and cheaper for such a big trip if it was done with others. And it DEFINITELY would be more fun!


  •  Anonymous #68538

    Marge….since I don’t have any rusty candle pans, I’ve been trying to think of something else to use too. Haven’t come up with anything yet except maybe wire.

  •  Anonymous #68537

    Love the organizer and the angel too! Just need to find some bed springs…………


  •  Anonymous #68534

    Are all the JB’s at the same location??

  •  Anonymous #68531

    LuAnn — Yes, for Junk Bonanza next year but I wouldn’t consider you as tagging along, we would be going as a junk team. That would actually be my preference. This year my daughter is all geeked up because we’re going to the Mall of America for her, the Bonanza for me. But I was really hoping to go with fellow junkers. We will definitely be doing something before then.

    I haven’t even looked at the fall schedule yet, don’t even know when school starts. But my son just confirmed what you said. And I thought you were a big football fan? Do you not go? Wait. Yes, you do. You went to the dome last year. Or were you assuming I don’t. I usually go to our games, even the away ones (but they’re usually not 2 hours away). Hmmmm….


  •  Anonymous #68519


    If you’re going to the Bonanza next year would you mind a tag-a-long. I’d love to go but not sure if JH would enjoy all that junk. This year is out of the question–wedding next year so I need to save, save, save.


    PS–Hay Midge your local highschool is playing Lake Orion at Eastern Michigan University at the end of the month. Too bad we couldn’t hook up there!!

  •  Anonymous #68514

    It’s not stealing. By posting I am sharing an idea in order for you to use it, too. I consider it a compliment if someone wants to make something similar. I am also hoping someone else will give another (better!) idea for the wings!

  •  Anonymous #68495

    Midge – My 2-day craft show is the same weekend as Bonanza anyway. Maybe next year, eh? I’m sure that you and your daughter will have a ball and of course, I don’t feel excluded! HAVE a BLAST!

    You’re right, maybe we could have a creative day in your studio instead of a gathering day! I just always think I need to hoard the junk. LOL. We’ll get to theh planning stages soon, eh?


  •  Anonymous #68494

    Love that angel! I may have to “steal” it too. LOL

  •  Anonymous #68482

    You got it! Actually I’m dealing with space issues myself right now. I think I’ve got a plan, I just need the motivation to make it happen, I’ve been kind of “stuck” the last few months. Once I’m “unstuck”, we should be able to go crazy in my workshop. Maybe we could do more creating than gathering. Hope things go well in September, we’ll definitely make some junk things happen real soon.


    P.S. If you saw I’m heading to Junk Bonanza, I didn’t meant to exclude you. This trip is a mother/daughters one. But carpooling for a junk adventure sometime would be great.

  •  Anonymous #68479

    Midge – I’d love to come up and spend a day junking. My problem is I have honestly run out of room. My storage unit is full as well as my junk room. Hopefully after my first fall show (a two-day in Sept.), I’ll have some more room for new junk! Let’s start the planning phase of a junk day after that, ok?


  •  Anonymous #68477

    Hey Sue,

    Thanks for covering for me and rephrasing it as borrowing. We need another junking day, and maybe we could both “borrow” the idea.

    Of course we’ll give a shout out to Marge as we do so!


  •  Anonymous #68474

    Marge – what a cute angel. I know how Midge loves Angels, so I’m not surprised that she likes and plans to borrow/steal the idea! LOL. I just might borrow as well for my craft shows. I’ve even got a few of those candle trays that I pick up for a dime or quarter and just haven’t known what to do with them! Great ideas Marge.


  •  Anonymous #68470

    Oh, I love, love, love it! You did a great job. I might be stealing this idea, if you don’t mind.


  •  Anonymous #68466

    Forgot about the wings! They are half of a candle pan.

  •  Anonymous #68465

    Thanks, everyone. Glad you like the organizer! The jello mold and cup thingy are screwed to the board. I stapled the spring with the air stapler. Love that thing! Personalizing is a great idea!

    Here is an angel made from a washer, spring and a little wire that Fjerda was talking about. It’s put together with JB Weld — my first time using that so it is a little messy. I haven’t made any others but plan to do a couple more and maybe spray with gold and/or silver glitter paint. Sparkly is not my style – I like the rust – but someone at the auction will like them.

  •  Anonymous #68462

    like the desk organizer marge…it would look adorable w/personalized name, etc!!

  •  Anonymous #68452

    Marge – are they all attached to the plaque/board and if so, did you use screws on the cup/mold and perhaps staples on the spring?



  •  Anonymous #68427

    I like that too!

  •  Anonymous #68425

    Marge, You really have an assortment of finished spring projects for the auction. Post the Angle you showed me the other day.

  •  Anonymous #68422

    I Love That!!!

  •  Anonymous #68421

    Here is a desk organizer that I made for our 6th Annual Trash to Treasure Charity Auction coming up on Aug 28 (we raise money for breast cancer research). I used a wood plaque, a rusty tin cup, a little jello mold and a spring from a chair.

  •  Anonymous #68270

    LOL…One of my dad’s fav’s was “If you put your brain in a bird it would fly backwards”. Then sometime after his death, my brother was home and standing watching Hummingbirds, all of a sudden he said “You know I could have been a hummingbird”…

  •  Anonymous #68268

    Leveta…that saying is new to me….I got a good laugh out of it!

  •  Anonymous #68099

    oh my gosh – totally off-topic but Gigi, you typed candy and I just have to say…I CAN NOT WAIT for the candy corn to come out!!!

    Now – Gigi – those would be so cute!!!!!

  •  Anonymous #68091

    w/thanksgiving approaching…maybe take mini basket-horns of plenty…fill them w/ misc and stick them down inside the larger can-sized spring w’ opening upward?

    fill w/ mini fall decorations, candy, place card holders…etc??

  •  Anonymous #68084

    Do you know the saying “If I wanted any Crap from you i’d squeeze your head”…LOL

  •  Anonymous #68082

    Girls… heads so full of crap there isn’t any room for anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yep, i said crap.

  •  Anonymous #68080

    It won’t offend anyone here…LOL Hey I’m there with ya on the crap head thing…

  •  Anonymous #68075

    Hope that doesn’t offend anyone….

    I just say it as it comes out… Pun Intended!


  •  Anonymous #68074


    I am never offended! I will be the first to laugh at myself.

    But thinking on it…maybe pooped was right. Currently there is allot of “crap” in my head!

  •  Anonymous #68071

    LOL Sue – I see the pumpkin!!! Put a pretty green velvet bow at the top, then work your magic! Or, the old velvet millinery velvet leaves? I have some of those bedsprings (and LOVE them! parted out the rest of the crib too!!!) – here’s my warning…they are not as stable as big bed springs, but they work GREAT if you double ’em up for the heavier stuff (ex: over-sized light bulbs, insulators and such)!

    I can’t believe we’re thinking pumpkins already…it’s too hot!!!

  •  Anonymous #68070

    I’m sorry Sommers Breeze, I had to laugh (pooped into your head)…ROTFLMBO… Forgive me, but I needed a laugh this morning…Please don’t take afence…I’m constently correcting my spelling. I’m the worlds worst speller…

  •  Anonymous #68069

    PS….No hope for that pumpkin…LOL!!

    It looks more like a cartoon character baby head with 2 wisps of hair sticking up!

    So, but go back to the drawing board on that one!

  •  Anonymous #68068

    Good Morning Miss Coil Springs.

    2 things pooped into my head right away.

    A: Hanging them at different length and mixing in flatted silver ware to make for a arty looking wind chime. I doubt that the coils would aid in the chiming much, but mixed with the flattened silver ware it would make for an interesting look. Then add few sun catcher type big crystals within the coil, maybe one or two per coil. So you now have an artsy, wind chime, sun catcher, and you use up a few coils at a crack.

    B: Spray them in varying colors and sell them on etsy to jewelry makers for a good way to photograph their earrings. The buyer could loop the earrings over the wire for an easy photo shoot.

    Looking forward to hearing other ideas.


  •  Anonymous #68066

    Ooops forgot to mention that the long coils are about 3 feet long. I played around last night and kind of wound one up as a wreath but didn’t like how it looked and took it apart. Then I twisted one up to what I think looks like a pumpkin and thought I might dress it up for some fall decor in my craft shows – is there any hope for this?

  •  Anonymous #68065

    Boy do I need some help gals! I thought that I was miss fancy-pants when I acquired a crib mattress the other day and became the proud new owner of 80 springs! Ha! I knew that they would be smaller than the normal mattress springs, but not really sure what they would look like. I spent an hour and a half last night taking the springs apart. I really liked the long coils of wire that held everything together and didn’t want to cut them. SOOOOoooo I twisted every last 18 long coils from the individual springs – the arthritis in my hands was NOT happy about all of that twisting, but we got’r done!

    So, here they are and now I’m not really sure what to do with them. They measure 4.25 inches tall x 3.5 inches and are not as sturdy as the regular springs so they don’t hold much weight. I don’t have any artichokes so I don’t know if they will hold them. The coil is too wide to hold a taper candle. A small shot glass will kind of stand upright in them, but I don’t have many of those on hand to use. What would YOU do with them?!?!?!

    Also, the long springs that held all of the round springs together are pretty neat – any ideas on what you’d do with those?

  •  Anonymous #67919

    You mean bug hinnie pinchers…

  •  Anonymous #67911

    ladies ladies ladies… is that how some of you get your creative juices flowing? Using those roach clips! LOL!!!

  •  Anonymous #67909

    I found my “aligator” clips in a hardware store. I think that car part stores also carry them. They are used for electrical connections and come in different sizes. I had to use a rusting agent to give them the same patina as the springs.

  •  Anonymous #67886

    Vanessa – I am so glad I talked you into purchasing those cute little fluted vases. I knew you had an idea whirling in your head. Very cute idea! Jan

  •  Anonymous #67845

    I work in a hospital and from time to time I’ve run across some forsips–which I’ve always called roach clips!! LOL.

    Love all the spring ideas. Gonna have to get me some!


  •  Anonymous #67840

    Great idea Gigi!

  •  Anonymous #67837

    oh l.e.v.e.t.a!!! what can we do with you girl?? lol ; O

    the pumpkin spring would also look adorable with a lil face drawn on and long arms and legs hanging over the sides!!!

  •  Anonymous #67836

    I’ll second that Maggie. I am ALSO ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!

    Yes, Leveta, you hook it to a roach’s hinnie! My mom found one in our driveway when we were growing up and told my sister “I know what this is – it’s for marijuana cigarettes!” Too funny!


  •  Anonymous #67835

    ROFLMBO……Leveta…You are a mess girl!! LOL

  •  Anonymous #67834

    Isn’t that something you put on a roaches hinnie???

  •  Anonymous #67833

    Oh Leveta, HOW do you know what a roach clip is? HMMMMMMMM (folded arms and tapping foot) Diane

  •  Anonymous #67829

    That’s a neat ideal. Where do you get roach OH I mean aligator clips…LOL

  •  Anonymous #67817

    I bought a box spring at a yard sale. The ones I got have a cross bar on the top. I added an aligator clip to the top and it can be used to hold pictures, cards, invatations, etc.

  •  Anonymous #67670

    i love bedsprings…

    and the different ways they spring into action…

  •  Anonymous #67643

    from the box springs… I’m just dying to find one that I can demolish so I can get some!!!

  •  Anonymous #67612

    Ok so where do you get bedsprings? Are they from the box springs or the mattress part? ‘Cause these are too cool! Diane

  •  Anonymous #67596


  •  Anonymous #67591

    That fits just right…How neat..

  •  Anonymous #67590

    On Friday Jan’s (magark) church had a sale. I stopped by and found a few goodies. She talked me into buying these little glass tubes for 10 cents each. She told me I would come up with something to do with them. When I got home I pulled out an old bed spring and instantly had a fun little vase. Thanks, Jan!

    I also wanted to show you that last fall I used bed springs as little "pedestals" for mini pumpkins.

  •  Anonymous #62439

    pretty nifty, leveta!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #62438

    Here’s the other I HOPE!!!

    Yepee….If you notice one has wire making a cross section and one has the washer. The one with the cross section stands pretty straight…

  •  Anonymous #62437

    Well got the same one 2 times…Should have quit while I was ahead…

  •  Anonymous #62435

    Well lets see if I can get this one to work…Dh made 2 different ones…

  •  Anonymous #62394

    ohh…i know where 3 lovely rusted sets are…but the relative won’t give them up…”i wanna use them to rake the yard and lay grass seed!” bah-hum-bug, i say! you don’t know how bad i want to snip some off there!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #62392

    Jealous… I’m still on the hunt for bedsprings… I do have a king size bed… hum…

  •  Anonymous #62383

    Got some springs and DH’s mind is working over time…lol We found a place that had 2 whole beds of springs for the cutting…

  •  Anonymous #62372

    Deercreek….I checked out your website….the drink bracelets are a fun idea!

  •  Anonymous #62359

    Love the bed spring crafts!

  •  Anonymous #62358

    I decorated a table for a charity fundraiser last year and used them to decorate the placesettings. I took a colorful cloth napkin and stuffed it inside the spring to make a “cone” then filled with m&m’s and mints and set one on each plate. The guests loved them. I’ll see if I can find a picture.

  •  Anonymous #62342

    You can do nothing or all of the above. A metal paint shouldn’t need to be sealed, but it would be wise to use a primer for rusty metal it you are painting. I like to clean with a wire brush and seal with a satin clear polyurethane. Sometimes you find the coolest patina, you hate to paint over it. You can also clean with Rustoleum rust remover and it leaves a protective oil on the metal to prevent further rusting. I love Rustoleum’s hammered metal paints…they give a clean but bumpy finish. My favorite color is dark bronze, it’s kinda charcoal metalic.



  •  Anonymous #62337

    Do you clean the bedsprings with a brush? Do you spray a primer on first then paint? Do you need to put a sealer on after painting to keep the paint from coming off? Thanks…

  •  Anonymous #62331

    Midge – I love those!!! Very creative!!! Those would be the cutest path lights for an evening dinner or a shower of some kind…hmmmmm….

  •  Anonymous #62329

    Love the glass shade nestled in the spring in the flower pot! A+

    Here are two of my spring projects I pulled from my archives. The trick on the insulator/spring is to use the small insulators and a bolt cutter to make the spring exactly the perfect height so the insulator fits in, but doesn’t fall through. Usually takes me a couple snips to get it just right. Also if you can dig up June 2008 Country Home I used a spring for a nut cup…really. I slipped a small cone shaped coffee filter inside a cute cloth luncheon napkin, slipped both into a spring and filled with nuts…it was pretty cute.



  •  Anonymous #62300

    They are tooo cute…Tell her Thanks for the ideals…

  •  Anonymous #62299

    Midge: These are great. Your friend has a great imagination. I’m definitely looking for springs. Thanks


  •  Anonymous #62294

    I’m thinking the old phone line insulators would look great as the votive holder in the springs–but use tealights then in the insulator so you don’t have to clean wax out of the bottom of it.

  •  Anonymous #62293

    Great idea Midge, tell your customer she’s inspired us all.

    I’ve gotta make some of those.


  •  Anonymous #62291

    Over the weekend someone at my shop (Susan) asked if I had any bed springs and ideas for them. I gave her 3 and showed her my attempts at copying Primstop’s "spring flowers". Today Susan brought in her version of spring flowers (she even let me keep one). I think they’re very cute! First she cemented the springs into a clay pot. One she kept cement and added glass pieces, the 2 others she added dirt and flowers. She added a glass shade and votive candle. She said she didn’t see the idea anywhere, she just thought it up.

  •  Anonymous #62250

    I do like that idea. Our yard is so shady and we have trouble growing things that require a great deal of sun. Really miss my garden space too! Jan

  •  Anonymous #62245

    I’ve got some old bed springs that are so rusty and crushed that they are just a tangled jumble. But, it occurred to me they might just work in my garden as a pea trellis, so I hung some and planted peas. I’ll try to remember to post more pics once the peas begin to climb them. I’ve got ideas tumbling around for a rusty "Spring" wreath, and rain chains too.

  •  Anonymous #62206

    Thanks! I have passed on rusty bedsprings in the past but may pick up a few next time I find them. They have so many possibilities in decorating – even in the gardens! Jan

  •  Anonymous #62204

    magark, if you look back on some posts (?) you’ll see ki had posted about making those and selling them…maybe another can remember the exact post it’s under…may have more info for you to gather??

  •  Anonymous #62203

    Just got through surfing the net and saw on junkwarehouse website they had taken some fresh artichokes, made a center opening in the top, placed a taper candle in it and plopped it in the top of a bedspring. Really cute idea especially for a garden theme party. Jan

  •  Anonymous #62147

    That is so clever and cute ! Jan

  •  Anonymous #62146

    Last Spring I made these little daisies on an old bed spring. The center is an old dresser knob. I also made bees w/ screen wings and put them on an old spring bed spring. They sold well at the shop.


  •  Anonymous #62144

    I just seen on flea market style where they hung them on the wall sideways and used them to hold glasses…

  •  Anonymous #62143

    I plan on this project… you turn the bedsprings upside down (wide side up)and hang them with a chain, ribbon, twine (like a tripod). Put little vases or jars with flowers or candles in them to light up an outside patio. Although hanging them from some brances in your trees would be even more adorable. Mine trees are still a little too small…darn

    I have friend with a bunch of them, hummm better give her a call…feeling more creative juices flowing.


  •  Anonymous #62084

    thanks!! i just pulled 2 big bedsprings off of the burnpile and put a price on them….my son didnt quite get it….


  •  Anonymous #62083

    gigi, It is a scale, but it is blue not green. It’s very much for sale, I’d love to pass it on. $25 plus shipping.


  •  Anonymous #62068

    I’m amazed at what people come up with – always something out of everything!

  •  Anonymous #62061

    just got a 2nd glance at roboladies picture….i absolutely LOVE that seafoam green AERO piece! (sorry, my vision stinks…is it a SCALE??)

    the color makes it that much more appealing, too!!!

  •  Anonymous #62060

    RedneckChic…I just think they are so interesting! They have a nice shape, and take up actual space, but with visual lightness…(Did that make sense?) Anyway, I think people really like them, cause they are selling very well. I have done a few customizations on them, one I put a families last initial, the other, a favorite saying. They are so much fun!

  •  Anonymous #62057

    artifacts – that is too funny! I have a mass collection of over-size (but really interesting) light bulbs in my living room! LOL I have 5 light bulbs standing up in a sugar mold and 2 of them in bed springs! I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds them interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚ My newest (and HUGE!!!) one is from the race track here in Texas…my son think I’m insane (he could be so right!!!) heehee I think my display is a bright idea…


    I don’t have a picture, but on two of my chairs in my living room I ran the bed springs up the legs so it looks like they have more interesting feet than the casters that are on them – it actually looks pretty neat – industrial chic in an absolutely eclectic living room!

  •  Anonymous #62042

    I love that idea for the candle holders.

  •  Anonymous #62037

    Ok, here’s my quick mock up of my idea.

    I inserted a washer about 1/2 way down in the "tight spring" section. I need bigger washers. Then I just stuck a candle inside. I’m going to do some up for sale. I’ll probably glue the washer in and find some way to make the candle more stable, it wabbles right now.

  •  Anonymous #62023

    Well duh…forgot the picture again! I am getting old ! Jan

  •  Anonymous #62022

    This is an old truck spring I found last fall in a booth and then found the black iron candleholder in a thrift store. I used green floral putty to put them together and plopped the white candle in it. When it isn’t windy I can put a cute container with fresh flowers in it. Sorry for the dirty porch…it rained here this morning. Jan

  •  Anonymous #62020

    I want some bedsprings!!!

  •  Anonymous #62016

    We were told that these bulbs came from the railroad! They are so "industrial-chic"! We used old rusty bed-springs as holders.

  •  Anonymous #62015

    Here is some from another site that a lady made…

  •  Anonymous #62013

    I LOVE it…

  •  Anonymous #62012

    Please post pictures when your project is complete. I have passed your site on to several of my friends here in town and we are really enjoying your creations. Jan

  •  Anonymous #62011

    funny that you should mention this. I’m in the process of cutting up an old bed right now, no easy task I’ll tell you, but I’m getting it done. The cone shaped ones, make fun wall pockets. I make a cone shape out of old music sheets, slip it inside, hang it and place dried flowers in them. I have several like the ones above and am working on making them into candle holders, can’t wait to share that project.

  •  Anonymous #62000

    Gigi, maybe you could use some scrappy fabric ties or baling wire on either side if your safety pins to hold them in place. (but then you couldn’t move them where you wanted) I like bigger buttons but they impede the view of what you stick up. I agree with the rust but was going to sell them at a craft show and wasn’t sure if the sealer would keep the rust off of peoples hands.

  •  Anonymous #61995

    Very cute! I will dig up a couple of my old bedspring projects and post later today. I do love bedsprings!



  •  Anonymous #61993

    cute, jillruth!

    i’d have to go for the rust-look….think bigger prim looking safety pins would slide right over the end of springs and you could zip those right around the spring track wherever you’d need them(just wonder if they’d stay in place once something hung from it, tho?…..hhmmmm, grampa has some springs in his barn that i may have to sneak home and try that little science project!) lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  •  Anonymous #61990

    I made message centers or art displays out of bedsprings and vintage buttons with VERY STRONG magnets. I wiped off the rust and sprayed the springs with an acrylic finish. I love the one I use on my desk!

  •  Anonymous #59060

    It’s on garden go to search and type in nodders or bed springs.

  •  Anonymous #59058

    Boy, I would love some ideas too. Didn’t see any in the garden junk site, I wonder if I was in the wrong place?

  •  Anonymous #59030

    There are several post on garden junk site for bed springs…

  •  Anonymous #59022

    I seen on a craft show (b original)a wine bottle holder made from bed springs. they cut out the shape of a wine bottle. They painted the wine bottle to look like a bottle of wine. and then cut individual bed springs from the bed springs. They then attached three individual springs to the wooden bottle. and placed bottles of wine (upside down) into the springs. You can bring up the pics and instructions by going to or and researching the b original pages. you can put in a topic for each show to help narrow your search.

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