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  • mcnaughton #46593

    Here’s what I made for a local sale. I only sold one round one for $15. I’ll try another venue. I think the depth of them was a deterent. They don’t fit between a storm door and entrance door.

    [attachment id=28877,4103]

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  •  Jkorak #87131

    Make Christmas trees…..add some tiny metal or old looking things

  •  Anonymous #83909

    Maybe you could cut the springs in half to make them fit? I like them.

  •  Anonymous #83906

    I’m just saying why someone might be shy of buying one.

  •  Anonymous #83903

    Copperhead, I did spray poly them so the rust wouldn’t “bleed.”

  •  Anonymous #83896

    I would be afraid to scratch up my door paint or rust and then bleed on my door.

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