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    Hi, I am new to your site. I have been watching you guys for a while, and every one of you have the most interesting ideas. I have an antique booth, and do shows sometimes, and find certain things that really take off and would like to share one with you. This is one that has really gone over. It is out of a twin bed. If anyone has any better ideas I would LOVE to hear them. I have a huge show coming up in January in Arkansas, and would love all input. You seem to be really talented ladies.

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  •  Anonymous #82491

    Found out my camera didn’t want to take smaller pictures. Spent $79.00 on one that will. Much better.

  •  Anonymous #82489

    You are ahead of me – you got one to load!!! Very nice work.

  •  Anonymous #82487

    This is my pie safe I just finished. I am doing a show in January so hopefully this will go over well. There was an old barn near me that had to come down. I used the wood.

  •  Anonymous #82456

    I am going to have to work on the size.

  •  Anonymous #82455

    These are my new benches. I just threw this together for my wesite. I am constructing it right now. Hopefully this will download for you. Thanks.

  •  Anonymous #82452

    Welcome, Arky! I love the lamp with the fish bobber finial and would love to see your benches. I also love the old primitives like Jelly and pie safes and old cupboards.

  •  Anonymous #82446

    Nice job arky!

  •  Anonymous #82444

    On the top, use a fishing bobber. Put a hole in the bottom of it. Cord comes out of the back towards the bottom, drill a hole. Lamp assembly will only cost you around $7.00.

  •  Anonymous #82443

    Sorry I have not gotten back with you. I have had to get family taken care of. I am going to attempt to download a picture for you. I found out they were to big, so I have been trying to fix my problem. The lamp is so simple, and goes over so well. Most of the these items were found in yard sales.

  •  Anonymous #82422

    ARKY…please give instructions for the minnow bucket lamps… sounds so neat!!!..

    .do you just hinge the doors? what do they do with them?

    do you go to judsonia…or bald knobb? i know the folks that have the flea and auctions there….


  •  Anonymous #82421

    Hi arky, You will love this site. And if you do old doors and windows you will LOVE Margo’s site. Welcome.

  •  Anonymous #82419

    I sell alot of the primitive tables, jelly cabinets, pie safes, things with rusty metal seems to be in demand. And people want mosiacs of broken antique dishes. So I buy old furniture at yardsells for 3 or 4 dollars and do mosiacs on them. They love them. And anything made of old doors and antique windows. In my show in September, I sold out of doors and windows in the first 2 or 3 hours. I hinged them together, and they grew legs and walked. And lamps made of minnow buckets.

  •  Anonymous #82417

    thanks…its not like a mall booth..we have room for the big fun junky cheap stuff too, hope you can get up here sometime…

    what sells good down there?


  •  Anonymous #82413

    I LOVE IT ANN!!!! Your website is incredible! I am going to show it to everyone here. My husband just retired, and I am trying to get him to travel north. I would love to come that way, and see some of the things that you have. VERY impressive.

  •  Anonymous #82411

    we do a lot of bed benches too…some with arms some not…

    i think its great that you like good the old stuff… me too…but the new ideas are whats keeping us open…recycling, junk ideas, rebuilding furniture, industrial….we do old, new and recycled…. and rough pieces and parts….

    i hope you figure out how to put on pictures.we love pictures!!..i never have …but links work too…ann

  •  Anonymous #82409

    If anyone is doing any traveling after the holidays, there is going to be a huge antigue trade show in Conway ARkansas in January. It is a repeat of the one that we did in September, and we had a turnout like you would not believe of dealers. We had people that came from all the way from Canada. We will be doing it again in April. If you would be interested in getting booths, let me know, she said that she possibly is opening up the back.

  •  Anonymous #82408

    I am currently making a website. I sell pie safes, jelly cabinets, wooden bowls. I am interested in alot of the older things than most people. I just finished a show in September in Conway, Arkansas and I am amazed at how many people are more into the 50’s, 60’s things. I like late 1800’s, early 1900’s. My home is loaded. I just built it 4 years ago and my friends call it my Little House on the Prairie Musuem.

  •  Anonymous #82407

    Welcome Arky! I’m an Arky also. For lots of repurposing ideas,check out this site:

  •  Anonymous #82406

    do you have a blog link?

  •  Anonymous #82405

    I could not get the pictures to download. sorry.

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