Anybody see this worthpoint article???

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  •  Anonymous #86212

    It isn’t in my budget to buy expensive good stuff either.

  •  Anonymous #86211

    Not too much of a problem for me because I do lots of painted furniture but I only buy stuff that is rough shape and pretty much all of it is stuff that is way beyond saving the original finish anyway. For me the rougher the better so I doubt I am buying expensive antiques.

  •  Anonymous #86207

    A lot of old stuff doesn’t have all that much value anyway does it? I guess you have to know your stuff before you dabble…

  •  Anonymous #86205

    Guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder because I think most dark heavy furniture looks way better painted but on’t think he agrees.

  •  Anonymous #86199

    Ok there is part one – sorry they are backwards. What do you think?

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