antique post office boxes

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  • gigi #45310

    i just purchased an entire section of these (contains 30 small and 2 large doors in all) using it for storage of course but any ideas to jazz it up further come to mind??

    it will go in a guest bedroom i’m redoing with an old 1920’s bedroom suite, making old looking banners, curtains and distressing some pics to hang. using lots of old insulators, oil lamps and license plates in there too.

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  •  Anonymous #83129

    What a treasure you have Gigi!!

  •  Anonymous #83110

    no pic of my own but someone on etsy has similar front of small door.

    (my unit runs 6 across and 5 down with 2 large below that)

    they don’t look anything like huggy’s pic, they’re from the 50’s-60’s?

  •  Anonymous #83109

    they were going for $7.00 at this time.. not sure what the final bid will be

  •  Anonymous #83108

    I saw this on my auction

  •  Anonymous #83105

    Do you have pictures??

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