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    Have you got your home, business, booth or what ever decorated for the summer? If so would love to see some pictures. Here is a couple around my house. I have a lot of Uncle Sam’s and flags.

    [attachment id=24036,3825] [attachment id=24036,3826] [attachment id=24036,3827] [attachment id=24036,3828] [attachment id=24036,3829]

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  •  Anonymous #80858

    Peony, I got a good laugh out of your paint gun “plot”! I hear your frustration! lol

    Callef, I love your booth and really dig your chair and ottoman.

    DPumm, your Americana decor is really cool. I have always wanted one of those corregated tin flags, but have never taken the time to make one and haven’t bought one because I keep thinking, “I can make that”! (now I’m thinking pigs will be flying before I get around to making one! ha!)

  •  Anonymous #80855

    I don’t have any flags or flag motifs, but I do have lots of red, white & blue stuff in my booth right now. Hoping it sells well this weekend. The mall is closed Monday for the Fourth.

  •  Anonymous #80850

    Thanks Gigi! I appreciate that. I’ll try the cat litter one first.

  •  Anonymous #80840

    came across this site…many inexpensive ideas most have laying around home…couldn’t hurt to try! ­čÖé

    especially interesting….the cat litter idea!!! lol

  •  Anonymous #80833

    I planted an old Radio Flyer wagon with my herbs. I put a little American flag in the dirt at the back. It really looks cute. It was either that, or mount a machine gun on the back to keep the ground hog away. LOL. The little bugger came back and chewed my parsley down to the dirt and then took a whack at my Italian parsley, too. He left my basil and chives alone. Maybe they’re too strong for him. I think I’ll lay in wait for him on the deck with DH’s paint gun. (I wouldn’t actually shoot him, but I’d sure like to scare him away. )

  •  Anonymous #80816

    Thought I would share a new project I did last week. I was making a couple wreaths to sell and had some picture frames laying by my work table, got to thinking about framing some flags and this is what I came up with. I call it a 3-D framed flag.

  •  Anonymous #80815

    Well the 4th is less then a week away, doesn’t anyone have pictures to share????

  •  Anonymous #80617

    Yep, that’s my favorite one, too, Peony. You’ve got some cute ideas!

    Nope, don’t have up a thing either place. I’m hopelessly behind in everything I’m trying to do.

  •  Anonymous #80611

    DPumm, how creative! I love the draped flag in the wreath.

  •  Anonymous #80605

    i love americana…my whole dining room/kitchen are decorated in it….so everyday is independance day for us! ;}

    especially love the old uncle sams (“chunky” not skinny ones!) gotta love the hand sewn signs too!!

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