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    Hi – I am so excited to attend my first Junk Bonanza this April – coming all of the way from Seattle – at first I thought I would fly one way and rent a truck for the return trip home – but that turned out to be ridiculously expensive – does anyone have any recommendations on other options for getting large items home –

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    We have a shipper at JB listed on the details page of the Junk Bonanza website. You may want to call Navis and maybe they can get you some general ideas of what things might cost. Fortunately prices of products are really great so that relieves some of the cost burden of shipping.

    Look forward to see you there!


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    HHMMMM you might buy a smaller van or something when you get there – load it up and drive it home then re-sell the vehicle. You can get a lot in a small van if you disassemble things as much as possible or stick to smaller items. Some times you can send freight on a bus.

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