A life more palletable.

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  •  Anonymous #86310

    I already liked her FB page. Her signs are the best that I have seen!

  •  Anonymous #86309

    If you haven’t “liked” Palletable’s Facebook page, you should. She posts regularly and her projects are amazing.

  •  Anonymous #86273

    Will do. She is so funny, she is looking for a horse trailer to use to haul her stuff with. Thinks it would be unique. and I meant “Knew” not “new”

  •  Anonymous #86271

    DITV, Please let us know how she does at Junk Hippy. I bet she does well based on that cute sign – she’s talented!

  •  Anonymous #86270

    She is always on the lookout for free wood, usually pallets. When she saw this board, Sarah said she new she wanted the vintage hand. I think she got it off of Graphics Fairy.

  •  Anonymous #86268

    I sure do like that sign!!

  •  Anonymous #86261

    Cool sign and good for her!

  •  Anonymous #86254

    My Niece will be at the Junk Hippy Roadshow! and by special request Sarah says:

    I got an email from the owner of Junk Hippy Roadshow- she begged me to save this sign for her. That made my day!


  •  Anonymous #86206

    I have emailed my Tulsa friend & her dtr to tell them the junk hippy show is there next month. I am sure they will go. Thanks for the advanced notice. Mary

  •  Anonymous #86204
  •  Anonymous #84147

    Hope she does well with her pallets.

  •  Anonymous #84146

    Just ‘liked’ your niece’s FB page…..she’s so creative with the pallets! I love her Rusty Relics sign.

  •  Anonymous #84145

    She’s in Oklahoma so Ohio might be a haul for her. But I’m glad you like her stuff. She’ll be thrilled people are talking about her.

  •  Anonymous #84143

    I follow “A Life…Palletable” and think her stuff is very creative and original. I went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH this weekend and thought her projects would go great there.

  •  Anonymous #84119

    Thanks, she’ll appreciate the support. Sarah was in the Air Force and got out to stay home with her kids, she missed her daughters first year because she was in the middle east, her husband is still in. But now she is a stay at home mom and it is just not in her to do nothing (not that a stay at home mom does nothing, I did it myself) she was in the motor pool so knows how to weld and handle metal, and her father (my oldest brother) was a carpenter and was always teaching the kids to do stuff. She is a great young lady.

  •  Anonymous #84118

    i just went to fb and liked her page- great stuff..

  •  Anonymous #84111

    Thanks for following her, I’ll let her know she is famous LOL. Sarah came home for the summer and brought all of us signs. On her August 25 post it shows the one I got, with the tree. Love my niece.

  •  Anonymous #84103

    I follow her page on fb and just love all of her stuff.

  •  Anonymous #83466

    Sarah just added some more pictures of things she’s made out of pallets. I really like the pear.

  •  Anonymous #83449

    I’ve tried to get the pictures to paste. Ugh!

    Her Facebook Page is ” A Life More Palletable ” Check it out.

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