2nd Question, where to you like to shop?

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    Where do you like to shop, thrift stores, rummage sales, antique stores, open air markets, trash day or what ever? Share your favorite spots.

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    I have a favorite little store I go to, Second Tyme Around, and never leave there without something. I’m not much of a yardseller, Although we have a couple of so many mile ones I like. But if I had my druthers it would be an auction. Guess it’s the thrill of the bid!

  •  Anonymous #86466

    As spring is finally arriving in Wisconsin…..I am beyond excited for flea market season! Will attend my first in about a week in Minnesota! I love getting up bright & early…and finishing the hunt when many are just arriving.


  •  Anonymous #86464

    I like thrift stores but I like the Goodwill Outlet for wild variety of JUNK – everything is priced by the pound.

  •  Anonymous #86463

    I like, no I LOVE going to big open air markets. You can find so much in one spot. Yesterday we went to Jacobs Cave Swap in Versailles, MO, it is not the best I have been to but it is close. The one I am looking forward to is What Cheer, Iowa in May.

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