1930s Radio

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  • patina #49655

    1930s radio REPURPOSED to now hold your bottles and stems.

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  •  Anonymous #84733

    Why won’t my image upload with my post?

    Because of file restrictions, some files that you would like to upload to the Junk Revolution Community pages will need to be resized. If you are unable to resize photos using an application on your computer, please use the instructions below to resize your images online:

    Go to http://www.picresize.com.

    Locate the file you would like to resize on your computer using the “Browse” button. Once you have found the file, click “Open.” Then click the “Continue” button. Your picture will now upload.

    After uploading is complete, you will be presented with options for cropping, resizing and adding effects to your photo. Follow the page instruction to edit your photo to your liking. For resizing, make sure to set your custom width to 400 pixels wide or smaller. At the bottom of the page, make sure to select “JPG” from the “Save As” drop-down menu. Then click the “Resize Pic!” button.

    The site will now resize your picture and present you with the ability to either view or download you resized image.

    Click “View Resized Image” to make sure your image has been edited the way you intended.

    Finally, use the “Click Here to Download/Save As” link to save the image to your computer. Then return to the Junk Revolution Community and post your newly resized image for all to see!

  •  Anonymous #84732

    I’ll bet there is a picture floating around out there somewhere! Try again, would really like to see it.

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