127 World’s Longest Yard Sale: Worth the Trip?

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  • oldhousejunkie #45711

    Has anyone been to the World’s Longest Yard Sale recently? My mom is the junker, but I’m always on the prowl for unique home accents (industrial is my latest obsession).

    We went three years in a row (2006 to 2009) but stopped after 2009 when we noticed a severe drought of good junk items. It went from great prices on unusual finds to the type of stuff you wouldn’t even donate to your local Salvation Army. We ditched 2010 and 2011 in favor of Round Top, but we’re looking at trying again this year. We’re in South Carolina and usually travel from Crossville, TN to Cincinnati, OH. But…we don’t want to expend the gas money or time only to strike out? I’ve been wondering if all the HGTV coverage has ruined what used to be an awesome event. ­čÖü

    We’re also considering a trip to Mt. Dora for the extravaganza in November. Is that worth the trip?

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  •  Jkorak #87130

    Ohio has some decent sales. I also like Kentucky but haven’t gone there for a few years.

  •  Anonymous #86471

    yes there is a Hagarstown IN

    I set up in front of a ‘coming’ indoor flea market. We didn’t do bad but there weren’t a lot of shoppers. When it was slow I went in where they were getting thing fixed up ready to get it open and talked to them about a space. I can get a 5X5 space for $150 for 6 months. What is the going rate???

  •  Anonymous #86470

    I got all excited reading about the yard sale thinking it was going to go close to my neck of the woods, Hagerstown, MD. But there must be a Hagerstown, ID?

  •  Anonymous #86469
  •  Anonymous #83508

    I live fairly close and have gone most years except the last 2 and one when I was about 9 month pregnant! It always is hot then pours rain when I go (maybe it is me!) the stuff varies from total junk to cool junk to people trying to sell stuff for more than I have on it in my booth or can sell it for online. I think the cool junk goes fast..Wed-Thurs are good days to start but I think that is before it offically begins. I usually go from Pikeville TN through Crossville up to Jamestown TN. I did go into KY one year and I thought the stuff was better and the prices are lower but I don’t always have the time to get that far north and who knows if that still applies. I know several who set up there. It is pretty grueling as far as heat, etc.and the traffic is jam packed. I am not sure what this year will bring.

  •  Anonymous #83507

    Old house junkie, I live in Northern Kentucky and sometimes I will follow highway 27 for several , several , several miles along the sale, but you know usually it is soooo darn hot.. that I did stop going last year.. but it sure is the largest yard sale I have ever seen and seems like there sure is a lot of everything.. just have to watch some of the prices.. but if you like yard sales it is worth it.

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